Addiction: Hereditary or Socially Driven Deviant Behavior?

4 April 2015
This paper reviews recent research on alcohol and drug abuse and addiction in attempt to identify the factors that make individuals vulnerable to addiction.

After an extensive review of the research, the author concludes that social, familial and genetic factors are intertwined; no one factor can be said to cause addiction. The author continues that it may not always be reasonable to blame completely the addicted person for his situation.

Table of Contents

The Role of Family
Genetics and Addiction
Addiction and Personal Responsibility

“Not every person who experiments with drugs becomes addicted any more than every person who has a drink becomes an alcoholic. Both Tani and Oxford found that the young person’s peer group made a significant difference. Young people whose friends used drugs were more likely to use drugs, while those whose friends did not were less likely to use them. Tani (2001) found in her review of the research that the peer group influenced extended use of drugs, thus increasing the risk of dependence or addiction.

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