With all the wonderful events unfolding in the most awe-inspiring fashion one could ever hope to have, recurring reflections of the past never cease to visit me. The most important of these reflections were the ones regarding my sickness of hydrocephalus.

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I remembered back then when my doctor came into my room and told me in an almost haunting voice that I have and was suffering from such a disorder. Looking back into that unforgettable moment – a moment where a part of my life started to crack – I began to understand how my life would’ve been if this sickness of mine had never occurred in the first place.

By all means, it was a curse, of course. But in some way it was also a blessing. Most people do not understand the importance of their lives; not until something worse happens to them. I had mine at a very young age. I battled it with all the power my young heart can muster and I emerged the victor. Most people never recover from such life-shattering events. But I did. And for that, I am very proud – for what I had experienced and for what I had achieved.

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