Adit Mining

2 February 2017

Introduction to Adit Mining Adit mining is a method of extract minerals from earth horizontally. An adit is a type of entrance to an underground mine which is horizontal or nearly horizontal. Adits are usually built into the side of a hill or Mountain, and often occur when a measure of coal or an ore body is located inside the mountain but above the adjacent valley floor or coastal plain. In cases where the mineral vein outcrops at the surface, the adit may follow the vein until it is worked out.

Advantages of Adit Mining Advantages over others mining methods:Adits have many advantages over conventional shaft minig with vertical access shafts. Less energy is required to transport miners and heavy equipment into and out of the mine. It is also much easier to bring coal or ore out of the mine. Horizontal travel by means of Narrow gauge railway or Cable car is also much safer and can move more people and coal than vertical elevators. In some situations, mines with adits can be drained of water by gravity alone or power-assisted gravity. Other advantage that Adit mining has over other mining method is the air current.Since Adit mining take place horizontally, air current could easily enter the mine.

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Advantages distributed into society: Since most mineral are very valuable, mining bring a very good sum of money to society through the employment of low-educated people (miner doesn’t require much education, however mining is old require strength and perseverance)

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