Adjectives Case Essay Sample

9 September 2017

When it comes to depicting the people in my life I find that certain adjectives fit them better than others since. I tend to follow the old adage” Never justice a book by its screen. ” Personal concepts tend to cover with the outward features of a individual. By taking a measure back and detecting the individual before go throughing judgement it helps to calculate out what personal concepts truly fit the individual in forepart of you. The picks

For the first portion of the assignment I chose from the list a household member and a instructor. In my sentiment I would depict the similarities of these two as lovingness. crafty. levelheaded. understanding. resourceful. dependable. trustworthy. mindful. and good read. Where they differ is of all time so little since. I grew up under the alert oculus of one and worked with and observed the other for several old ages. One is organized. overworked. scholarly. thoughtful. rigorous. multitasked. baker. grandma. tired and a spot short tempered. Group two were a female friend and a individual that I socialized/worked with. This was a difficult one since. I tend to non be much of a societal individual and maintain to myself. The adjectives for this group were organized. knowing. friendly. judgmental. and resourceful.

Besides the basic gender difference these two have their ain personal differences in that one experiments in baking. the other sticks to what they know plants. one attends church more than the other. my societal friend likes the out-of-doorss. and the other dramas games on the computing machine. Finally. for the last portion of the assignment I was to look at myself and one other individual. The other individual I chose was a male friend. The similarities that we portion were that we are both kindhearted. originative. household members. knowing. and short tempered. I found that we differ of all time so somewhat in that he likes scheme games. is surpassing. chatty. a hands-on-learner. and a of class that he is a male parent of three male childs. Myself. I a tend to remain off from scheme games. shy. a ocular scholar. a female parent of three dwelling of two misss and one male child. and a spot timid when it comes to new people. Overall judgements

Looking back on the list of adjectives I would hold to state that I do hold a spot of a stable set of concepts when it comes to judging people. no affair who I am asked to judge. At first I would when it comes to pigeonholing I would hold to state it does be given to come in my judgement procedure until I get to cognize the individual better. by taking a measure back and detecting their wonts and how they interact with others around them in a societal clime. I would non state that I judged myself more or less favourably than I did for the others. As stated above I look for what is on the interior more than on the exterior of a individual. since to me personally. outward visual aspects can be inaccurate in calculating out merely who or what the individual is traveling to be like. The concepts that I choose for each set of people truly does non impact the manner I communicate with others. it is the environment. or puting of the conversation that I feel affects it.

For case. when I am talking with my female friend it normally is in her place with a younger kid running about doing noise so. we tend to hold to talk up in order for the two of us to hear what the other is speaking about. and there is no miscommunication. The same could be said for several of the other people I picked since. most of my conversations take topographic point in or around the work topographic point of that other individual. Peoples can be encouraged to develop a rich and complex set of personal concepts by non merely detecting the individual or group of people. but by non leaping to the decision that this individual is for illustration a drug user. merely because they have track Markss in their weaponries. By being more observant of what is traveling on with the people around you the decisions of the individual can be changed from one of inaccurate and unjust. to one of apprehension and correct. Shutting comments

After making this assignment I personally found that. I tend to befriend people who are good organized. crafty in some manner be it in baking. avocations. or cooking. That some of my friends may hold a short pique that depending on the conversation I try to shy away from an statement or battle. due to the kind-heartedness and caring people that I surround myself with. It is non merely these personal concepts that I look for in a individual. but how they use them on the outside that makes them a friend and a individual that I will non merely socialise with. but will work with to maintain our friendly relationships traveling no affair what the difference is in our relationship.


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