Admission Essay

6 June 2016

I have always enjoyed studying medical subjects like physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology etc. I have always studied hard and obtained good marks in medical subjects. I have maintain an average of 4.0 or above in these subjects. I have deep interest in all these subjects. I hope that if I pursue my career in medical then I can prove to be very helpful in health care community.

In my pre-medical school when I first took the courses of medicine in details I became too much interested in the subject. I’ve always loved helping others and especially those who are ill. I have researched a lot and studied in details the working of human body and am fascinated by the information presented. With gaining more knowledge of health science I grew eager and eager to know more about this subject. I am inspired to become a doctor of medicine and pursue my career in this field.

I have participated in several healthcare camps and helping out patients to reach such camps and get their medicine. I’ve also joined healthcare training programs and studied courses offered by the American Medical Association Future MD programs. During these programs I have learned a lot how to take care of patients and what role physicians play in clinics and hospitals.

I have spent more time in hospitals with health professionals and also happen to see surgical procedures in operating room. I have volunteered my time in hospitals in helping out physicians and also patients during their treatment. I have always enjoyed this time and have become more ambitious to become a professional doctor. By taking care of patients and helping out needy one can realize the importance of humanity and the joy of serving them. I am determined that my compassion can lead me to success. I am well aware that this field needs a lot of practice and patience.

While studying in medical school every student must develop enough skills to practice dealing with patients and their diseases. I have already attended several wards with physicians while studying extra courses.

I am also aware of community health and how it affects health of each individual. Maintaining health in community is important because many infections and life threatening diseases arise because of lack of health & sanitary maintenance at community level.

I have also studied certain short courses on computer programming and learned languages like German and French. I believe it is necessary to have some acquaintance with other countries’ languages. German and French are widely spoken and most popular. In addition, new scientific discoveries and literature can be read in these two languages.

Some of my hobbies and extra-curricular activities include tennis and squash. I love music and enjoy playing piano. I believe while participating actively in games and outdoor sports I can keep myself physically active. I also do weight training thrice a week that keeps my body in tune and my muscles in good condition. Physical activity and exercising daily is very good and necessary for physical health. Exercise increases oxygen supply to each organ and enhance blood flow that improves performance of each organ.

I have studied a number of courses in medical science and always kept a good record. My previous academic performance is outstanding. I have also undertaken a research project and have been able to demonstrate my skills in research studies. I look forward that as soon as I am selected I will prove my best to be one of outstanding and achieving student of your faculty.

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