Admission Essay

6 June 2016

In modern world there is a strong claim that in the near future nearly everyone will need business education because no matter what you are doing in your professional life, you will be often faced by some businesses. Even engineers and scientists soon will be challenged by the basic principles of business knowledge.

Therefore, I am most interested in knowledge of business and I think that business knowledge combined with specialist qualification is very important for my future professional life. I see business education as an excellent opportunity to make the world better as business knowledge suggests ways of creating jobs and choices, wealthy and well-being nation.

However, it is not simply business knowledge. Before choosing business education, I asked myself what knowledge of business principles would give me in future. I am sure that the University of Michigan will provide me with necessary background how to balance human values and numbers, how to start new and run existing businesses, and how to balance relations between business and community. In other worlds, the University will teach me how to run business and to remain socially responsible.

In highly competitive business world I realize I have to be originator, innovator and entrepreneur as being simply employee is not enough for me. Business education will provide me with necessary leadership qualities such as persistence, flexibility, ability to work under pressure and many others.

Moreover, knowledge of business suggests you are able to thing critically and strategically, to solve problems and conflicting situations, and, what is more important for me, to pursue my individual dreams. I am a practical person and business is surely a practical subject as medicine, for example.

Doctors aren’t allowed to cure real live patient basing only on theoretical guidelines of the book study. The same is with business. In business sphere you are to do things and to make up decisions, to take actions and to be responsible for results. I think I will manage to succeed in business world.

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