Admission Essay

6 June 2016

I would like to get an admission in a dental school so that I can pursue a career that has always been my dream. I must say that I have had a vast experience and exposure on this profession dating back to my old days as a dental student in India. During that time, I worked in various government hospitals for a year.

This enabled me get sufficient exposure on some of the dental ailments like tooth fractures, gingivitis and temporo mandibular disorders and how to treat them. Consequently I was exposed to the principles and ethics of dentistry that includes confidentiality, competence, being compassionate and portraying a high level of professionalism. These factors make me suitable for the career.

In addition, I have worked with a re-knowned dentist, Dr. Swalan thus gaining more knowledge about dental surgery. I have worked with various people and I well understand the dentist-patient relationship and how this can be enhanced. It is important to note that am very conversant with the American Dental Association code of ethics that outlines the dos and don’ts of the profession.

I have learnt quite a lot of things to date as for as dental surgery is concerned. I not only know about administering oral care, but also reconstructive and cosmetic services. I have also learnt that patience pays because many are times when dental patients endure pain for so long only for a Doctor to clear it in seconds.

I was motivated into joining dentistry by my brother who was himself a dental student. His encouragement together with the invaluable support of Dr. Salwan made me develop a lot of interest in the profession. In my early childhood, I used to frequent dental clinics. This earlier exposure of this environment and the kind approach with which doctors exercised their duty thrilled me into making it a career dream. I was also made to understand that dentistry is an absolutely good income job that would enable me make ends meet in my life.

In my present job as a dental assistant, I handle quite a number of tasks. These range from preparing the patients on behalf of the doctor to taking of X-rays for the patients. In addition, I clean patient’s teeth, receive payments and make bills.

My goal is to learn more about dentistry and to become a professional dentist that one can reckon with. I do not want a case whereby am only referring patients to other doctors as a result of incompetence. I would rather look forward into learning all dental aliments and their treatment procedures/processes.

As I sit besides the Doctor while administering treatment, I aspire to induce as many students as possible into joining this profession. I also dream of becoming a professional Dental surgeon myself, offering consultation services to other medics. If my admission is guaranteed I would be contented as my other goal of pursuing a practical job of which I am good at, shall have been accomplished.

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