Admission essay for film program

6 June 2016

Through this letter, I will try to get you to understand my immense desire to enter into the Montclair State University. I spent hours thinking of how to go about the essay but all this gave me no legitimate great ideas until I remembered a single piece of advise that was given to me long time ago by a fellow film student. He said to me: “Marco, write about what you know.”  Therefore, after thinking it through I realized that the best story to tell would be my journey that led to my interest in filmmaking.

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Admission essay for film program
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I have always made the extra effort to try to bring something new and creative; I love to be the creative one of the group. I find it to be the best feeling of accomplishment when someone enjoys my work and then goes on to tell, “He’s the one who came up with it.” My first big interest came with web development. I found myself fascinated with the world of website development. With the help of a High School friend, I was able to get basic understanding of HTML coding and found myself drawn to the idea of being able to create effects and transitions with coding. My next big obsession was Photoshop, which I discovered through a friend in high school.

I must admit I fell in love with Photoshop the moment I found out the possibilities. I spent countless hour’s investigation and testing different commands and creating images. I found myself fascinated at the idea of being able to manipulate a picture however I desire. In fact, I am still addicted to Photoshop and to me is a huge tool when editing videos. My last and latest obsession as I was going through school was and still is video editing. I found that editing websites and editing pictures rather fell short for me, I wanted to go that extra mile being able to manipulate moving images.

In high school I, was well known for being a skateboarder, I got myself a camera and started filming. I slowly came to realize that I much rather be the one behind the camera getting the good shots than being the one doing the tricks in front of it. I also slowly realized that I was obsessed with editing. I have always been attracted to the technical part of film, being the one behind the computer, but film classes in UCC took me through screen writing, directing and even actually script writing, which I had never done before. I fell in love with the film world because it slowly gave me freedom to create anything I wanted. I recently invested in the entire Adobe Creative Suit package and I am learning the art of digital editing with After Effects.

In Short, from the very beginning I have been interested in Media, however my journey led me to decide which area of media interests me the most i.e. Film Making. I am creative, a fast and keen learner. I do not hesitate to undertake and learn new things; I go an extra mile to achieve my goals. Technology is nothing new to me, therefore the evolution of Film industry and technology does not scare me, in fact,  I embrace it.

I have completed my associate degree in films, and now wanted to excel my career in the same field and for that I did a research and survey on the universities. On completion, I found out that the best option for achieving my goals is “Montclair State University. Major reason behind choosing Montclair is its strong alumni group, 100 years of Strong and impressive past record, experienced and supportive faculty, student development and campus life “SDCL”, safety etc.

I would request you to consider my transfer request, as I am very much keen to learn and get professional experience and education, from your dynamic university, enabling me to translate my skills, ideas and thought into solutions in my professional life.

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