Admission Essay – Legal Profession

6 June 2016

Ever since I was in the 5th grade, I had wanted to become a lawyer. As a young person eager to make my mark in the world, I have therefore come to understand how important honor and keeping the respect of my peers and my superiors is to being trusted and being accepted as a man among men. These are virtues that lawyers ought to practice. I regard the law profession as an honorable one and to me honor has also come to mean that quality of character akin to integrity, of keeping one’s word, doing work that benefits rather than harms the community, and treating everyone as my equal regardless of their gender, religion, or cultural background.

This is also the reason why I wish to avail of the scholarship in Law at your University. I believe that studying at this University will further the Law School Blueprint values and strong public service aspirations of the legal profession in my heart. It is my ardent desire to take the NY State’s bar. I hope to be accepted at your University. I believe that my prior experiences have prepared me for the rigors of studying Law. I had been exposed in the workplace to the different job skills I have acquired which includes the immigration services, broadcasting radio show on public issues, pro-bono work at the hospital, and many more voluntary works in the community and in school.

I think it is all the more important for someone of my background to demonstrate an understanding of and a willingness to operate and thrive under a system where honor is the operative principle and way of life. It is up to a young person like me to demonstrate an ability and inclination to live with honor and help break some common stereotypes about the Lawyers, blinded by dogma and incapable of being assimilated into the mainstream of a great, free and democratic society.

I believe I am up to the challenge. I have the willingness, the sensibility, and the moral aptitude to live up to the hurdles that will surely come my way. I see a stint here at your school is both a test and a preparation for an honorable and fulfilling life and profession afterwards.

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