Admission Essay (Robin_Kim)

There are many incidents that continue to shape and guide us in our everyday endeavors. Each one helps us understand the complexities that life has to offer and at the same time provide us with an insight that challenges and hurdles may come along the way. As these events continue to shape us, it also bestows on us the skills to make us competent in our own respective fields. With this thing in mind, I would like to present my intention to apply in the foodservice and hospitality field.

Though I do not have a particular person who has influenced my life, I believe that it is my experience and the intention to serve is the main reason behind this application. My understanding of service had contributed to this passion and intention to be educated and learn the necessary skills to be competent in my area. Moreover, I feel motivated and inspired by seeing people enjoying their time whenever a good service is provided.

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It is in here, that I absorbed the real elements of every service-oriented business; making customers happy and contented.

Looking back at my education, even if I was not able to finish my bachelor’s degree in both fashion school and graphic design school, I considered it as a good training ground towards this application. With these, I can say that I have been blessed with a good creative mind that can facilitate for a good career in hospitality and foodservice field. I’ve have always known I would be involved with the creative aspect of things that is why I chose majoring in baking and pastries. In addition, I intend to be part of a beautiful, pretty, high quality product that will make people happy when they see it. Lastly, I intend to help people feel better and enjoy themselves, forget about worries and problems and enjoy the decadence of my creations.

Also, I believe I have the necessary competence that can help me in this degree. I consider communication to be a vital part in the overall facilitation of service. With this, I had immersed myself in improving this skill to better adapt to the challenges in the profession. Demonstrating initiative and confidence in both individual and team-based environment is another condition that every student must be familiar of. By having this capability, each one can handle the relative setbacks given in the field. Lastly, I have the necessary proactive and tenacious approach to handle the complexities of projects and programs. The willingness to learn has been an important attribute towards achieving all these proficiencies.

In the future, with this degree I hope I can contribute to the betterment of individuals by imparting to others the relevant concepts and theories that I had learned. With teaching, I aspire to give students the ability to understand the tenets of service and at the same time learn in the process. On the other hand, I also wish to be part of a restaurant family. It is in here that I can be included in a group where I shall use all my abilities for its relevant growth and development. Lastly, I wish to include the poor and needy in my profession. Relentless serving is only half-hearted if the intention is only focused on people I am comfortable at or to those who can afford. By also concentrating my profession towards charitable work, I can actively bridge the increasing gap between to the rich and poor.

With all of these mentioned, I do hope you consider my application. With your capabilities, I can be trained and honed to adapt to the changing trends in today’s society. By doing this, not only can I improve as a professional but seek to provide a holistic growth as a servant for other people. My name is Robin Kim; an individual inspired by his experiences and ready to overcome all the obstacles and challenges this degree can give.

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