I have always believed that spiritual values are important in any profession that a person would seek. Applying for a Doctor of Pharmacy Program in a Jesuit institution would help me strengthen my spiritual values and ethical values as well. In my knowledge, Jesuit education promotes the importance of religious experience and this is integrated into the educational programs so that students would be able to have the opportunity to grow in both knowledge and faith, in belief and learning.

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This type of education would enable me to assess my personal spiritual values and help me avoid glorifying myself and acknowledge Christ instead. I also believe that a Jesuit education would provide the academic excellence that I need in my future profession as a doctor of pharmacy. A Jesuit education would not only provide me knowledge about history, math, science, literature, and art but it would also help me in widening my knowledge on philosophy and theology. I also believe that Jesuit education would help me in increasing the importance of family values, personal integrity, and business ethics through learning, research, reflection, and creative action.

Professionalism is an important aspect in the practice of pharmacy and I believe that Jesuit education would prepare me for the initial education in the professional experience. By showing professionalism in this type of practice, one would be able to display empathy, compassion, understanding, and respect for a patient who needs help. It is an important aspect of pharmacy since having professionalism would greatly help in gaining the respect and trust that a professional needs from his/her patients, staff, colleagues, and other professionals.

Adhering to a professional code is one way to demonstrate to others that a person takes his/her role as a professional seriously. By showing concern for a patient’s privacy, associating with others who behave in a professional manner with patients and other health care professionals, continuous learning, and voluntary works, a pharmacist would be able to gain professionalism in his/her chosen career.

The strategies that I have developed to be successful in completing the requirements of the

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rigorous program that a Jesuit institution offers are gained from my past experiences. I believe that one step to success is being able to identify the barriers to success. Once one has identified the barriers, then it is easier to overcome the barrier. One of the strategies I would use is by setting realistic goals that would motivate and help me control particular situations. I believe that goal setting is very essential to improve my personal and professional life. Living in this world without a goal is useless and pointless. It makes life boring and routinary. Goals give order and structure in my life. It makes me feel that I am always moving toward my purpose and always getting closer.

I plan to use time management to structure my personal and professional schedules to meet the demands of the program. I believe that the system of how one manages his/her time has a very large impact on the enjoyment he/she gets from it. Time management would allow me to recognize my life in a way that would make me happier and more productive. Time management requires goal setting, planning and prioritizing. This would allow me to eliminate wastage, be prepared for meetings, refuse excessive workloads, monitor project progress, allocate time appropriate to a task’s importance, ensure that long term projects are not neglected, plan each day efficiently, and plan each week effectively.  I would also monitor, record, and review activities or tasks that I need to do in order to meet the demands of the program.

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