Admission for Film School

4 April 2017

Throughout my life I have had a deep interest in bringing ideas to life. The process of transfixing ideas from the imagination into reality is a feat of unequaled success and satisfaction for me. I find the process of filmmaking a truly magical one. The way shots fit together to create the illusion of things happening that never did. Sculpting time and space to tell cinematic lies. It’s thrilling. I also believe that change is the only constant in life and I thoroughly enjoy working in a role that allows me to be constantly learning and changing.

I love that the job of a person in the film industry changes constantly. Pre-pro, production, post. They’re such incredibly different jobs with different crews, different temperaments, different paces and skill sets. The only real constant is the project itself. And that looks incredibly different from one week to the next. It’s a job that never stays the same.

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To me, filmmaking is a collaborative art. A film is never β€œby” one person. It’s made from a lot of work and skill and suffering by literally hundreds of people, but we reap what we sow.

Hence, I’m prepared to work hard to reach an ambition I strongly wanted since young. I believe in both practical application of skills and theory behind skills. To me, even if I have all the technical skills, learning the theories behind them are equally important, hence my application to your school. Film school is a great way to jump start a sense of film language. Making shorts and then showing them to people is invaluable in that sense. By being a part of L. V.

Prasad Film & TV Academy I am certain of being taught by the best which in turn horns my technical and theoretical skills to better horn myself to be prepared to work in the fast pacing film industry. This is not an education that is to be taken lightly and I have nothing, but the utmost respect for the opportunity that I am asking for. Let me show you that my imagination and dedication can produce astonishing and beautiful results. I have worked hard to earn my way to this moment. I have never asked for what I have not earned, so now all that I ask for is that you give me a chance to prove it to you. I want this.

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