Education has played an important role in this fast and changing world. I have been fortunate enough to acquire a degree in Accountancy that would also serve as my pillar in the business world. Through the institution’s Mission and Vision, I would be able to contribute much to the upheaval of my society.

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Personally, my heart and intentions in life have been shaped to that focusing on the welfare of others. Cal State LA would become a training ground for me to not only become a successful professional, but also a person with a good heart. Working hard and aiming for the best would not only be focused on my success as an individual but would also help me to become a well rounded individual. I also believe in the quality of education that this institution could imbibe in me and my peers. Acceptance at the Cal State LA would help me become closer to my dreams.

  Aside from the school’s thrust, I would start off by taking my licensure examination this April, and hopefully pass it. Afterwards, I would search for a position in a reputable accounting firm in California. Cal State LA has helped me in numerous ways, for it has been my training ground for the past couple of years, equipping me with the necessary knowledge I would need in world of business. Five years from now, I also envision myself by first becoming an Account Manager of a public accounting firm. Eventually, I would go up the corporate line by working as an upper-management officer in well known consultancies or financial firms. If luck has it for me, I would even indulge in partnerships of public accounting firms that would become of service to those who are in need.

The past two years have also become pivotal for my professional life. In college, I volunteered as an Income Tax Assistant for our school, which also became helpful for my chosen field. In addition to this, I also worked for 2 companies as a staff accountant in California. Working for such hasopened more doors of opportunities for me to penetrate the business world.

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Furthermore, the experiences also helped me to become prepared in dealing with the different dilemmas that the world of business has to offer. I was able to deviate away from the original perceptions I had about managementand become more open to new possibilities. I have been introduced to the world of income taxes as early as college days, which have been further enhanced when I was employed as a Staff Accountant. Income taxes have become an important part of the lives of people nowadays, and I would use my knowledge and experiences in such to improve my craft further.  Meeting with different kinds of people would also become easier for me, given that I have been employed once as an Assistant Property Manager.

I must say that all of the experiences that I went through in life have become an important factor of who I am today. What stands out the most is my desire to become someone and prove that anything is possible. In 2008, I became the president of the Christian on Campus organization, and was Cum Laude for my academic accomplishments.

This is one of the best achievements that other people could never take away from me. Being intellectual prepared to face the world would become my armor in becoming successful in this field. The world of management may seem difficult for many, for hard work and dedication are important in the said field. As long as people have the guts and the will to accomplish goals, then anything is possible.

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