Admission to Oregon University

6 June 2016

The University of Oregon, which was founded in 1876, garnered a number of outstanding accolades. The quality of education imparted by this university is exemplary and its alumni have distinguished themselves in the international arena.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, which means hand and foot fighting. It originated a long time ago in Korea. Its principal mentor in the modern age was Choi Hong Hi, who instituted the International Taekwon-Do Federation or ITF in 1966 (Tae Kwon Do ).

In addition, to the basic combative postures and movements, students of Taekwondo learn politeness, determination, self – control and mental, moral and physical integrity. Practitioners of this martial art are graded into ten student levels and nine expert dans or levels. The expert level practitioners wear black colored belts (Tae Kwon Do ).

I have been associated with this martial art from quite some time and I have gained proficiency to the extent that I am a third dan black belt. This martial art form was given the status of a medal sport in the 2000 Olympic Games that were held in Sydney, Australia (Taekwondo History).

I suffer from a learning disorder that makes it difficult to grasp academic subjects. However, I have not let this disability curb my enthusiasm to acquire knowledge. Moreover, I am highly motivated and do not hesitate to plough ahead, even in the face of adversity. The calm and methodical manner involved in the various techniques of taekwondo has enabled me to develop tremendous self confidence.

I have come to realize that hard work coupled with systematic and logical planning will achieve success. This is the secret of the success I have achieved in this martial art. I am not only a student but also a qualified and experienced teacher of this martial art. I have drawn inspiration from my taekwondo teacher who is learning disabled blind. He reposed the utmost confidence in my abilities and this has boosted my composure tremendously. Verily it is possible to learn and do anything if one only applies one’s mind and heart to it.

There has to be concentration to the extent that everything else is excluded. Moreover, there has to be persistence to the point of adamancy. I possess these qualities in abundance as has been vindicated by my achievements, despite my disability, in taekwondo.

Your esteemed university conducts programs in a number of subjects and my desire is to qualify in sports photography. I am a natural sportsman and with my expertise in taekwondo, I am extremely agile both mentally and physically. I have senses that are more finely tuned than that of ordinary people. This trait will make me an excellent sports photographer and the best place to acquire the nuances of this art form is none other than your much acclaimed university. Your university’s faculty and teaching methods are legion in academic circles and I am extremely desirous of obtaining an opportunity to benefit from your academic excellence. Furthermore, I will prove my mettle as a scholar of sports photography in your internationally acclaimed university.

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