I feel that I can be a huge asset to the business economics program at Yok University because of my education background and the other work that I have done to prepare myself for the future. I’ve made it a point to complete the majority of my courses on the college level so that I will be prepared to immediately succeed at the university. My education background is diverse, which will enable me to do well in the business economics program at the university.

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In addition to my 30 credits of college level work that I have completed in gaining my high school diploma, I have also taken other measures to prepare for life as a student at the university. I have learned that in order to be a successful member of a community, a person has to give something back.

This is why I have taken the time out of my schedule to complete more than 40 hours of community service work. In that time, I have worked with non-profit organizations, assisting them in whatever activities they were completing at the time. This experience has made me a well rounded student capable of completing tasks and adding something to the community.

As far as education is concerned, my background includes a number of business-related courses, including economics and many mathematics courses. From those courses, I have gained a working knowledge that will enable me to do well in my economics classes at the university.

I anticipate building upon my solid educational foundation and moving forward with my knowledge of business and economics. I look forward to not only getting something from the business program at the university, but also adding something valuable for my teachers and fellow classmates

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