2 February 2017

Hello my name is Timothy. I would like to attend Hillsborough Community College ( HCC). I want to attend HCC because I like their choice of computer degrees. Some things i like to do is use computers and build programs. My academics in high school were good I maintained a B or C average.

My favorite class is science. I always did good in my science classes because I found the material to be easy to learn because it’s very interesting. I tried to take an AP course but I wasn’t ready for it.I am a hard worker and when I find myself struggling in the class I ask for help from my teachers. Also all four years of high school I was lucky enough to be included in AVID program. In middle school I was also included in the AVID program, this I feel has helped me learn good study habits. I was in chess club for four years and I was an officer for two.

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I was a in ROTC for three years and my rank was Second Lt. I decided to leave the program in my senior year to able me to focus on my grade to accomplish a higher GPA.I did a lot of community service, I volunteered at the Morean Art Center in ST. Pete Florida. At the Center I tutored kids in how to draw and create animations on a computer, and how to use a Macintosh Computer. I really enjoyed working with the kids. I volunteered for the Relay for Life through my Avid class in my sophmore year.

As I walked the track at Leonard High School, it made me think how much I really care about other people, especially people who are sick.Outside of school I like to hang with friends and play Xbox Live. I work out at Hit KB Fit with a retired marine to better my heath and fitness. I love to hunt wild game and fish both salt and fresh waters. My grandfather owns a gun smith shop and I plan to work for my grandpa as an intern to learn how to be a gunsmith. He’s teaching me how to build guns from scratch and how to take them apart and fix them. My family taught me some great study skills and time management skills that I will use in college.

Through my working experience I will be able to have my own money , and show them how responsible I can be. I am looking forward to my independence as a young adult. To wrap up I think I would be a great addition to your college because I have a great personality, I have good working skills, I find myself to be very responsible and people tend to feel comfortable around me. I’ve sent my application in with this essay and I hope I make it into your college because this college is my first choice. Thank you for your time.

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