Boran (1999) stated that security involves monitoring, detection and measures taken and used to reduce risks.

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The use of admonition software creates an environment that can protect data from being passed on from one network to another or data leakage. Admonition software acts as a barrier to deny access to those who try to access the network illegally. It also can warn of users of potential risks if they access the network. There are potential risks involved during the development of an IT security strategy (Bringier, 2008).

One also will be required to have proper documentation that governs the kind of security strategy they want to implement and preventive measures to protect the network from intrusion. Data processing, collection and sharing of information in today’s world have hit high levels and because of this, the IT companies need protection and shielding from potential attack and harm (Bringier, 2008).

Admonition can be defined as giving a cautionary advice or giving a warning it can also be defined as a kind and earnest reproof.

According to Mitchell (2008), social engineering is one of the most important powerful tools used as a security strategy in many modern companies. Admonition fits as a security strategy through the two major categories of security engineering. These two levels are: social engineering and software implementation.

Software implementations

Software implementation asks operators not to accept other software from other websites. It demonstrates the use of a question to develop policies that can be useful in protection of data. Software implementation strategizes on creating awareness within individual system operators to ignore focusing on their computer limitations. It therefore teaches the operators to focus on remaining confident in their computers (Mitchell, 2008).

Social engineering

Social engineering on the other hand, is getting people to do what you want them to do according to Sarah Granger, (2001). Dictionary (2008) refers to social engineering as the art of using social science study results to solve real live social problems. It works by figuring out what is acceptable to your group members andvisitors and what’s not workable and then using what is workable with everyone as the set of rules.

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In this kind of security strategy there are consequences and repercussions and therefore admonition can be regarded as a natural strategy of security that is cost effective when compared to otherkinds of security strategies (Mitchell, 2008).

Millers on computer security states that security engineering can be said to have three basic levels namely: prevention, admonition and deterrence. Prevention is the best level to provide protection. This level achieves this by making sure that the danger does not actually occur that is preventing the danger from happening. Incase of improper preventive measures the following could happen; denial of services by an attacker in which case the victim is unable to get proper progress for example incase of a virus attack one can not access information from their programs or even they can not be able to run the program.

 Improper information leakage which becomes evident when one gains access to information which in any case should have been prevented a good example is when an unauthorized person hacks into a system and gains access to data illegally; improper leakage of authority in which case wrong subjects take actions without authority. It is possible to avoid such dangers and errors by the use of proper preventive measures.

The other level of security strategy is admonition. It’s based on politely requesting someone to follow a direction and the decent willingness of the other party to abide to the request even when there are no repercussions and consequences (Computer security: Fact Forum Framework).

 Deterrence is the other level of security strategy used. This can very much is likened to today’s military or the legal system. Deterrence discourages attack by making it seem to be almost unreasonable for anyone to want to attack or by making it seem to be “unworthy” to attack. Computer security is designed to prevent software damage, attack. Generally security strategies are there as forms of damage prevention.


According to Millers on computer security, admonition systems are supposed to be of more use to humans as an addition to their memory than to computation. An admonition security system is supposed to work by lowering the probability of accidents occurring but probably not to zero. For this reason most companies might opt for otherwise hard to rationalize computer security systems to avoid such accidents from occurring. However admonition has been implemented successfully as a security strategy because it’s designed to be not just a strategy set out to people but a strategy about them.

Ka-Ping Yee (2004) established that conflicts can arise between the goals of usability and the goals set out for security. He concluded that if these goals were analyzed together during the process of security strategy designing then the conflicts could be avoided and thus creates an effective and successful security strategy in admonition.


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