Adolescence and Teenagers

9 September 2016

Teenagers spending time at night It is a common phenomenon seeing teenagers hanging out at night in big cities. Places which teenagers like to hang out are shopping malls, computer games centers and sometimes, roadsides. These places have become teenagers’ favourite places because they can meet other teenagers to socialize. Teenagers start congregate at these places since evening and some of them even stay out late loitering aimlessly. Many adults feel that it is risky to allow teenagers to loiter at night.

However, some parents think that it is just a phase in life which adolescence feel that they need to mix around with their peer group. These parents tend to give too much freedom to their teenage children because they think that they should not deprive of their children’s freedom to mingle with friends. Nevertheless, not every parent agrees that teenagers should be allowed to go out at night too often.

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These parents are obviously concerned that when their teenage children spend time out of the house too frequent at night, their children will spend only little time at home with their own family members.

When two parents are working, the only time which is available for quality family time is at night. Parents are also worried who their teenage children’s companions are and what influence their children will get from their companions. In addition, parents are also concerned about the food their children consume. It is definitely unhealthy for teenagers to spend their time at fast food outlets which serve high greasy and sugar-contained food. Overeating at night could result in obesity and diabetic. Besides, undesirable and inconsiderate habit of wasting the parents’ hard earned money will be developed.

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