Adolescence Is the Unhappiest Time in Most People’s

2 February 2017

Adolescence is the unhappiest time in most people’s lives. Adolescence is the period of time in someone’s life between being a child and an adult. For some people it is enjoyable, for others it can be the opposite. There are several arguments in favor of adolescence.

To begin with, teenagers have more free time than adults. In this time they can do after school activities, join clubs and do sports. In edition, teenagers get support from their parents. For example, parents pay for everything – their child’s studies, food, clothes and so on.That means teenagers don’t need to work. Last but not least, adolescence is the time when people can have many friends and they can go to lots of parties, when adults may work all day and have less free time. Furthermore, it gives teenagers different experience and it is a step to becoming an adult.

Adolescence Is the Unhappiest Time in Most People’s Essay Example

As there are good points in favor of adolescence, there is also bad. Firstly, it is believed that most of teenagers hate school. For instance, it is boring or too hard. It’s a good reason for disliking adolescence.Secondly, teenagers can’t drive a car. A car is a good advantage of being an adult. It is quite helpful for people who need to go places farther away or for people whose house is too far from school.

Thirdly, earning money for underage people is very hard or even impossible. Teenagers’ parents give them money, but not always it is enough, so there is a need to earn extra money. To sum up it is a time with both – advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I believe that adolescence is a happy time. It’s only the matter of fact how people spend it.

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