Adolf Hitler: WWII Orator

4 April 2015
This essay analyzes how Hitler’s oratory styles were able to rouse and rally a nation behind him.

This paper discusses Adolf Hitler’s life, ideologies, effective speeches and mass communication usage and applies basic theories of communication practices and their relevance throughout history.

From the paper:

“In reading the speech given by Adolf Hitler on his intentions for conquering and evacuating the Czech Sudetenland for the German people, it became quite apparent to me just how important communication was to this leader?s success and to the involvement of other countries that would later enter into WW2. It has been said that, ?that Hitler came into existence at all is directly owing to radio and public-address systems?. That?s a bold statement, but a respectable one. It reminds us how important mass communication was then and is now in reaching out to make one?s self heard.”

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