Adoption: A Complex but Rewarding Process

4 April 2015
A brief description of the American adoption process.

This paper discusses the procedures that adopting parents need to go through before they are granted a child. It compares different laws applicable in certain states as well as special criteria and conditions which apply. It looks at adoption within a family due to the tragedy of abusive conditions and also examines the cost of private adoption.
“Adopting a child is a major decision. A prospective single parent or couple or family may come to the decision of adopting a child through many different paths. For instance, they may have tried to have children and failed, or they may have some children of their own but they want to adopt an orphaned child from a poor socio-economic situation. Whatever the path to adoption, it is a process that is rife with legal requirements and obstacles And of course, once the child is adopted, the responsibilities are huge.

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But, in the end, the act of adopting a child is immensely satisfying and interviewed adopted parents always gush that the experience and the adoption of child was life-changing.”

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