Adore EP by Jasmine Thompson

8 August 2019

YouTube knows her as the girl with the long hair and whispery voice. Only fifteen years old and with the voice of an angel, Jasmine Thompson is best known for her acoustic covers of pop songs. Her debut singer-songwriter EP, Under the Willow Tree, showcased her haunting power over drizzling piano melodies; and now, two EPs later, following her 2014 Take Cover, Thompson debuts a flavorful slew of remixed EDM.

But if you, a faithful subscriber, are dreading the electronica takeover, “Adore” is still worth a try. Thompson’s songs are buoyed by her striking voice, and rich shadows draw on her every word. Even in an age of machina music, where everything sounds just a little scratchy, her songs impress, adding interest to mainstream pop.

Besides, all of the songs are fully developed, addictive works of pop; the album’s crowning anthem, the titular “Adore,” is colorful with smoky hues and retro snaps, bringing to mind all the glorious imagery featured in the music video. “Great Escape” soars with youthful adventure; “Do It Now” follows in suit, diverging from the path of simple romance. “Crystal Heart” is personal, embracing the walls we all keep around our private insecurities; it transitions into “Let Myself Try,” which flows with empowerment, punctuated by basic beats and spare drum rolls. Just wait until the songs get stuck in your head–it really is something to adore.

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