Adult Children of Alcoholics

4 April 2015
Definition, prevalence, effects (behavioral, emotional, psychological, social, interpersonal), treatment (focusing on Murray Bowen’s dysfunctional family systems therapy & its limitations).

Why can’t I hold a job? Keep a husband? And why is life so miserable? What is wrong with me? Jeanie married seven times and lived with a couple of men. She could not hold a job. It seemed life was either up or constantly down. Jeannie is an adult child of an alcoholic.
Adult children of alcoholics have many problems in life, at work, at home, in marriage, and with their own children. Adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) often will choose abusive partners and stay in abusive relationships. Dr. Janet Geringer-Woititz describes the characteristics of an adult child of an alcoholic. Some of the personality types that in homes of ACOA are: the family hero, the rescuer, the mascot, the adjuster, the rebel, the doormat, the bully, the lost child, and the last hope.

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Adult children of alcoholics do not find life normal as they grow and become adults nor are their lives normal as adults.

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