Adult Education

6 June 2016

Adult education in the contemporary society has been perceived as an avenue or tool for solving economic and social related problems.  Many scholars and educators including policymakers are for the idea of Adult education.  Adult education in the contemporary context took many different forms (Webster et al 2001).  Many institutions including universities and colleges put in place programs that could take care of the various adult education interests.  Programs for distance learning, programs that offered courses with no credit, evening programs and other suitably tailored programs were offered.

Adult education has had sponsors over the years who acknowledge the importance of adult education.  This education has no age limit and anybody can join as long as they are past the recommended age for attending the normal childhood education.  Adults have been taken care of by being provided with schools that are specifically made for them.  Criticisms have always come up concerning the adult education (Webster et al 2001).  It is in this respect that a program has to be reviewed in order to address and fix the problems associated with this type of education.

Adult Education Essay Example

The Historical, philosophical and socio-economic Foundations Of Adult Education.

Adult education came up as a result of the increase in the outcry of various educational bodies about adult education (Adelman, 2000).  People who did not have access to proper education or no education at all during their childhood would be given a chance to have their education in adulthood.  Such suggestions and implementations were widely appreciated and acknowledged as the best way of giving chance to the adults in terms of education.

  The issues of jobs and wages for that matter have been so critical.  Adults are not given the same treatment and status in terms of job hiring and wage payment (Adelman, 2000).  This has been as a result of the fact that those who have had access to education have been given the first priority in the job market thereby locking out the adults who have had no chance of education.  This has led to socio-economic problems in regard to the adults.  It is in this respect that schools have been put up to take care of the adults by providing adult education to them (Allen et al 1994).  Many have benefited from these programs and have worn back their status in the society.

The Program.

The educational program in the OX community needs to be reviewed.  The program does not address issues that are pertinent to adult education. The program that was put in place is the type of program that is meant for adults above the age of forty.  It was a rigorous program that will only impart skills in the area of specialization.  All the adults attending the program ought to have some area of specialization so that their skills can be enhanced by the program.

The purpose of the program ideally was to make the adults contribute back to the community by involving themselves in community building activities just as other people do.  It was deemed relevant to come up with such a program so that adults, no matter their educational background, are not left behind.  The community should be an all inclusive community and not just rely on the educated few.

Sponsors of the program included the community based organizations, donors and other interested investors not forgetting the well wishers.  Proposals were made with the aim of asking for funding to help in the implementation of the program.  Participants mainly are adults above the age of forty and tutors who are also above the age of forty. This was arrived at because their was a general feeling that tutors above this age will teach with respect and experience.

Such a program originated from the idea of educating the adults who missed their childhood education.  It was aimed at having an all inclusive community where the adults would be independent unlike other communities where adults depend on the youth in their day to day survival.

The role of education in society cannot be underestimated in any way.  Besides guaranteeing someone a job, education plays a role in moral building.  Through education one is able to come up with amicable solutions to various problems in the society (Adult education, 2006).  A society that does not uphold education is viewed as a society with no vision and moral standing.  It is the view of this paper that education be acknowledged as the only way forward especially with the increasing technological inventions all over the world.

 Socio-economic forces affecting the program include such aspects as gender, finances, the will and ability among others.  It is assumed that men are the only ones who can have access to education and not he women.  This force has really affected the program in that it becomes very difficult to incorporate women in the program.

There is also the issue of funds (Adult education, 2006).  Many adults do not have money to enroll into the program.  It has left many people out as even the least amount needed cannot be raised by these people.  The program in turn has made it clear enough that even women are equal beneficiaries of education and gone are the days when education was a reserve for men.  The education has imparted skills to the people in the community and as a result they have been able to depend on themselves rather than depend solely on other people.


The program has met its objectives and it has proved to be significant to the community.  The purpose of the program was to enlighten the community on the importance of education and also instill skills to the adults who had no formal education during their childhood.  This has been captured since the implementation of the program.  Many adults have had to get jobs from the skills imparted to them by the program, many women have had a chance to access education which they did not have previously and many opportunities have come up in the community as a result of this project (Adult education, 2006).


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