Exposure through visitation, events, and seminar will be implemented in this course in order to obtain the global technology as it is impacting all walks of life all over the world. Course Objectives To expose students to the various area in IT through visitation and events. To provide a series of seminar in order to gain current issues and trends in ‘CT. To develop a knowledgeable and skilled computer professionals guided by the needs of companies and employers. Learning outcomes Present verbally on current issues in different areas of information and immunization technology through group presentation and discussions.

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Summarize the latest technology offered in order to solve the real world problem. Document the finding on current issues and trends in CIT from the series of seminar attended and visitation organized. Recommended/Required Materials Main Reference(s) Newspapers, magazine, articles, Journals, research paper Course Assessment Participation 5% Assignments/ProJect 45% Final Examination Total: 100% Course Requirements & Policies Example: You are expected to fulfill the following requirements of the course to obtain a grade:

Participation (5%) Students are required to participate actively in class discussion, forum, exercises, assignment presentations and other class activities. It is Just not enough to read and without voicing out your opinions or relating your own experiences. Assignments/ProJect (45%) Each student is required to submit written assignment/pro]etc of selected cases. Students are required to work in team to conduct seminars related to the subject. Final Examination (50%) You will be examined on your level of understanding and knowledge acquired in this course.

The format of the examinations will include essay and/or discussion type of questions. The final exam is comprehensive covering all the topics. Course Policies Academic Honesty is required of all members of a learning community. Hence, the university will not tolerate cheating or plagiarism on tests, examinations, papers or other course assignments. Students who engage in such dishonesty may be given failing grades or expelled from the university. Attendance policy I. All students are required to attend all classes.

If one or more class is missed, it is he student’s responsibility to determine the specific material covered during

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their absence and make the necessary arrangements for making up what is missed. It. It is the student’s responsibility to notify lecturer of any situation that causes the student to miss class. Study Plan Dates Mode [Module Course topics and contact hours Evaluation Remarks/ Deadlines 24/6-30/6 CHAPTER 1 1 . Information Science – (could be one of the following areas) Information Retrieval Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Information System Knowledge Management Data Warehousing and Data Mining

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