Advantages and disadvantages of shopping

8 August 2016

Shopping Malls – Some Advantages As Well As Disadvantages Today shopping malls have totally evolved to catch up with the modern lifestyle of the human beings. Because most people love shopping and loves hanging out within its vicinity despite not buying anything, a lot of entrepreneurs are smitten to invest in this kind of business. Although this business is great and has a potential to generate big amount of profit, still there are some disadvantages you must note before venturing into this kind of business. To help you better understand, here is the list of the advantages and disadvantages venturing into a shopping mall business.

Advantages of Shopping Malls A shopping mall is a great place to hang out, relax and chill together with your love ones and friends. It comes with complete facilities from clothes, fashion items, foods, school supplies and a lot more that you can think of. Because of this, shopping mall seems to be a good business. Venturing into this kind of business will surely bring you profit because people will always look for a shopping mall to spend their time with especially during weekends. Aside from the basic necessities that are found within the mall, it also provides family with a blast of entertainment. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy right?

Advantages and disadvantages of shopping Essay Example

Therefore, being in shopping malls vicinity truly brings you into a state of euphoria! A lot of good things are found and good entertainment not usually experienced at home making shopping mall business a good option for you. Disadvantages of Shopping Malls Although a shopping mall is a great business to explore, still it is a fact that is has disadvantages too. One of its major disadvantages is the expense you’ll encounter. Having a successful mall that everyone will love and talk about must be something that will cost a fortune. If you have enough capital then this is fine however if not then this is a major drawback.

So you see? Despite having advantages, you will also not run out of problems. This kind of business takes great power and time. So you must have the needed things before venturing into any shopping malls. People are also particular with their belongings, so venturing into a shopping mall business you must ensure a good parking space. By doing so means another expense. The larger the mall is the larger its parking area must be. These are just few of the disadvantages you need to face however you must have the guts to face all of this to ensure the success of your business.

Conclusion As you can see, there are a lot of disadvantages and advantages of venturing into a shopping mall business. Taking all of these into consideration, there’s only one thing to note and that is to be willing to spend not just financially but also emotionally and mentally to this kind of project. It is undeniable that shopping malls are the latest craze in the society, without it people might not enjoy their lives to its fullest. Therefore, think and think harder before venturing into this kind of business.

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