Advantages Of Organizational Flexibility

Organizational flexibility is all about adapting to expected and, Much more, to unexpected changes that may come. Sometimes, a company would have to change their system or structure so it would become flexible. A flexible company has employees with high job satisfaction, and employees that are highly satisfied with their work, retain in the company and give their quality work to the company. A flexible company is expected to become a competent company. An example of a company that has changed to cope with changes is the Southwest Gas Corporation.

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Advantages Of Organizational Flexibility
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Being a flexible company gives them several advantages. Since they’ve renovated the offices and working areas to cater to the psychological aspect of their workers, workers are more comfortable to work.

 Now that they’ve adopted a linear and vertical organizational structure wherein the administrators is above the managers and supervisors who are above the workers, any concerns from the lower level in the hierarchy will be brought up to the one concerned, systematically.

It is also good that everybody feels important in the company. Because everybody’s duties are well-defined, any needs are easily addressed any problem can be resolved immediately. Everything runs smoothly.

Disposition is a factor that affects the satisfaction of an employee in his/her job. Knowing what motivates the company’s employees will help much in making the employees have initiative. In this way, the company creates a more quality employees. Southwest Gas Corporation gives their employees not only monetary rewards, but different incentives.

There has also been a change in the attitude of the managers. Communication and comradeship were fostered. Misunderstandings can be avoided.

Everything change that the company has adopted has made it flexible which made the company more productive and competent.


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