The employer and the employee are always at the opposite end of the spectrum. Each party tries to bargain at the expense of the other and often, there cannot be a perfectly fair situation between them. An employer is primarily concerned with the profit making incentive without giving much attention or importance to the rights of its employee. It has often been said that employers occupy a position superior to that of an employee in terms of bargaining.

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The employer is given the last say in every situation, and this often results to abuse of power. The employer always wants to get the biggest profit or return of investment for its company and this is often achieved by disregarding the rights of its workers. There are numerous labor related complaints such as overworked but underpaid employees, hiring of minors, unequal treatment in terms of promotion, lack of benefits and others.

Our labor laws provided for certain provisions on labor relations to ensure that there would be an end to the oppression of employees by the employers. Labor relations in essence provides for the proper treatment of an employer to its employees as to matters pertaining to hours of work, safety procedures, entitlement of benefits, dismissal for just and authorized causes, overtime pay, hazard pay and other labor related matters. An employer has to rethink the way it treats its employees and the former should bear in mind that the human workforce is the best asset that it can have to achieve its goals.

It would be for the best interest of an employer to give proper treatment to its employees because if the latter is happy then he would be able to perform his work better and this would benefit the former. The birth of unions in the work place came about as a result of the unfair and unequal treatment that the employees receive from its employees. Unions were recognized to level the playing field between these two parties.

The unions were used as a tool to ensure that the employees are givenproper treatment and adequate benefits in accordance with law. The relationship of the two parties are considered to be adversarial due to the fact that they often argue about labor related matters, the other party refusing to meet half way for the other.

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This unfair treatment prompted the workersto come up with unions so that they would be able to protect their interests and get what is rightly due for them. There has been an evolution of the union which at present has already gained acceptance in labor, an organized union allows the employees to bargain collectively with its employers who cannot refuse to meet with them. The result of these series of negotiations between the employers and employees would result to a collective bargaining agreement that would form part of the contract of employment of the workers and of which the employers are bound to obey. The adversary relationship of these two parties should not be seen as a form of mistrust.

A manager, supervisor or any top officer of any organization who is given the task to bargain with the employees should keep in mind that the employees are not slaves of the company. These employees are also human beings who are working for the interest of the employer and as such it is just proper that the benefits and protection that are entitled to them under the law should be given to them.

The employees are the partners of the owners of the organization who do all the work to make sure that the business is going well. The employees are the reflection of the company and when the employees feel that they are not properly treated, this would have an adverse effect in the way they perform their job. In the long run, it is the company or organization who would suffer. An employer should not use the weakness of his employee to seek profit but must ensure at all times that every employee is treated in a fair and humane manner.


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