Adversities in My Life

6 June 2016

Just like any normal individual, I, myself, go through countless adversities in my life. These adversities include the following: financial problems, especially now that I need a scholarship to be able to go on with my studies; personal difficulties and obstacles, including how I will be able to reach my goal while adjusting to a home wherein single parenting exists; and last but not least, the home-sickness that I am most likely to go through when I leave for college.

I would like to pursue a college degree, if possible, a degree majoring in Business Administration. The problem is that I need to get a scholarship to be able to pursue such a dream. See, I come from a single parent household and I don’t want to burden my mom with this problem of mine. I know that it is difficult enough for her to have to keep more than one job to keep up with the family’s needs and so, this dilemma I would like to solve on my own, as much as possible.Another dilemma is how to achieve my goal of finishing a college degree. In case I get a scholarship, I still have to go through other financial hardships, like how am I going to survive in college, where would I get the money to pay my rent, to buy food, provide for essential school needs like notebooks, books, etc? Maybe I will just apply for a part-time job and squeeze it in my schedule. Or maybe, I can utilize my knowledge, mastery, and inclination in Mathematics to also offer tutorial services to some students and collect a minimal amount for it.

Adversities in My Life Essay Example

In addition to the aforementioned, I am most likely to consistently feel home-sick when I go to college. See, I have been with my mom my whole life and leaving for college will be the very first time I will be separated to her for quite a long time. Such personal hardship will probably be the most challenging part when I leave for college.Again, the adversities in my life include: financial dilemma associated with going to college, as well as, personal obstacles like home-sickness.*Reference* Since this is a personal write-up, no source or reference has been utilized.

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