Advertisement Analysis Report

1 January 2017

The appeal refers to the argument that, in this case, the advertisement is presenting about a specific product by logical appeal or emotional appeal or ethical appeal. Again the report discusses whether the ads are informative, persuasive or just reminding. To analyze on advertisements I choose several industries including telecom, food and beverages, banking sector etc in Bangladesh to analyze the products or services of Bangladesh. Food and beverages industry In our country’s perspective we see a lot of ads of food and beverages as TV commercial, RVC, on billboards, banners, newspaper or through direct mail.

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Here is an analysis of some food and beverages. Pepsi Pepsi is a well known beverage brand in the world which positioned itself as a sporty and a brand for the young people. In short, Pepsi see itself as a part and parcel of the young people’s life. In Bangladesh Transcom Beverage is the licensor of Pepsi. Because of the world cup 2011, Pepsi has conducted an IMC campaign that involves some popular cricketers and their special moves. Pepsi is actually sponsoring those special shots or delivery. In Bangladesh, Pepsi sponsors the Super Scoop shot of Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan.

In our discussion we would analyze the total IMC campaign of Pepsi in Bangladesh for this super scoop shot. TVC: In the TV commercial we see that Shakib is learning a game from a girl. The game is known as Kutkut in this region. In the story we see that the girl is teaching Mr. Shakib Al Hasan how to throw the stone in the right place. In the starting scenes the TVC shows Shakib Al Hasan has failed to throw the dice properly. This incident results into the girl’s annoyance. In the final scene the girl taught Shakib to bend in front and throw the stone hard measuring the distance properly.

Mr. Shakib had thrown the stone properly. Then the girl handed a bottle of Pepsi and told him that use this trick in playing the shot in the world cup. So, what is the shot and what is the relevance between playing a cricket shot and throwing a stone? Here comes the best part. That is, SHakib Al Hasan threw the stone by bending himself in front. In cricket he has a special shot called super scoop, which is played by the same body movement. The message for the total TVC is Change The Game, and the sub message of Shakib’s ad is Shamne Jhuke Jore Pichone.

The target audience of this ad is definitely the young people who love cricket and love Mr. Shakib Al Hasan. The ad hit the esteem need of Maslow’s need hierarchy theory. The length of the TVC is 1 min 8 seconds. It is shown between the news time as well as the talk shows related to sports. Radio: In the radio stations the ad does not broadcasted too much. If it is broadcasted it has no specific program. The message remains same in the Radio commercials as well. Print meadia: In the press ads the advertisements are basically placed in the third page of the national dailies.

Pepsi used to place it in the bottom part with covering the eighth columns. Among the national dailies the advertisement typically is given in Prothom-alo, Kaler Kantha and The Daily Star. Moreover, the ad is also placed in the sports page. Outdoor: Pepsi has covered almost every important parts of the Dhaka city. It placed the billboards in the airport road, beside mohakhali flyover, in Bijoy Shoroni as well as in the Mirpur road. The Billboards actually feature 3 Bangladeshi cricketers, Tamim Iqbal, Shakib Al Hasan & Mashrafee Bin Mortaza. At the top of every billboards there is the message, Change The Game.

My Findings and comments: After analyzing all the ads I found that Pepsi has actually developed a very good IMC campaign which can ultimately increase their sales. In the time of the world Cup fever, every people would love to drink a Pepsi and think that I am in the part of changing the game. Moreover, the TVC message matches the positioning of the Brand and it has convincingly contributed to match the Brand Image with the Brand Positioning. In essence, the ad perfectly hit the need of the target audience. By drinking a Pepsi, every fan would think that they are drinking a beverage which Shakib used to drink.

Thus they partially fulfill their esteem need. Maggi masala: Maggi masala is a new product of Maggi Company, before magi masala there were ads of Maggi noodles and soup. Here we are going to discuss about the ad of Maggi masala. TV commercial: The TVC shows that a little boy gets scholarship and journalists of many newspapers come to their home to take photographs of that boy with his parents. Then his mother said about the secret of her son’s merit that she cooks with Maggi masala full of various types of vitamins. The objective of the commercial is to inform audience and customers about their new product.

The features the model talked about in the ad are various vitamins included iron, vitamin B etc. She informs audiences that to make sure the nutrition of her family health issue she uses maggi masala. Advertiser is trying to create a brand and company image among its customers, especially among families. They mainly targeted housewife mothers who regularly cook foods for her family keeping the proper nutrition fact in mind. They are regularly broadcasting the ad in various channels especially when housewives watch TV like morning after 10 a. m.

I observed that they are showing the ad in the break of the TV serials as the audiences of these serials are mostly housewives and family members. Radio: They are broadcasting the same ad on radio on a regular basis. They are broadcasting the ad at morning and various other times to inform audiences about their new product. Print media: They regularly print this ad on newspaper and magazines. In newspaper they usually print this ad on the supplementary pages where various cooking features are published. Besides in main paper they sometimes print it on front and last page on the bottom.

Again I saw the ad printed on magazines which are targeted for the woman customers who actually buy this type of products. In magazines they print it on last page or sometimes in the very middle covering the whole page. Outdoor media: Outdoor media refers to the billboards, banners, danglers etc on the sideway of roads. Maggi masala advertiser put their outdoor campaign focusing on retailer shops; they have their ads besides shop’s name to catch the eye of the customers who buy regular products from grocery Shops. Besides they put maggi product’s ads on billboard in busy roads where two or three roads connected to reach mass customers.

Direct mail: I did not yet saw any direct mail campaign by Maggi Company for any of their products. Findings and comments: Advertiser has chosen the persona of the commercial Moushumi and Mosharraf hossain, who are very famous TV actor and actresses. Besides they show emotional drama to catch family emotional bondage. Happy mother showed audiences how she prepared his son for getting scholarship which can properly target the conscious mother. I think they are utilizing the right time to broadcast as their target to reach the family members and housewives by showing the ad in the break time of serials.

As Maggi is already a well known brand in our country it is quite easy for them to create a positive attitude toward the new product they introduced. The commercial gives it audiences a positive feeling towards Maggi by showing family environment and inspiring situation. This affective component may lead to behavioral component leading to a buying behavior. Different useful vitamins and iron of Maggi masala may encourage customers to use Maggi masala. Moving to the cognitive component may build customers knowledge about Maggi and WOM communication.

My personal findings say that it can reach its customer segment properly and soon will get positive feedback. Telecom industry This is one of the fastest growing industries in our country. The types of Telecom Company in our country are Grameen Phone, Banglalink, Airtel, Robi, Citycell etc. Grameen Phone: GrameenPhone is the leading telecom company in Bangladesh. They have the best network in contemporary days. They broadcast and show a number of ads in every media possible. TV commercial: The TVC shows that a woman in a village missing her husband who stays away from the village.

It shows that the woman doing all her jobs along with missing her loving husband. The objective of the ad is to inform audiences and customers about their network. It tells that everything seems unimportant when ones’ loving one is not around. As the ad is specially made to inform about their exclusive network, their target is to persue every person who uses mobile phone. Grameen phone always emphasizes on better network, they try to create a position in consumers’ mind through better network, and this ad is one of those ads that try to make a brand poisoning of better network in telecom sector in the mind of consumers.

The ad is emotional as the tagline of grameen phone is “kachhe thakun”, they can better fit emotional ads with this. The particular message of this ad is “batash brishti alor shob ayojon e bertho hoye jay Jodi priyojon pashe na thake”. The commercial is shown almost all the Bangladeshi channel such as ntv, ETV, Rtv and so on. The frequency of the ad is also high so some audience might also accidentally get exposed to the commercial. The length of the ad is 2 minutes 6seconds though they do not show the total ad all the time. The ad is being broadcasted frequently mostly at night. Radio:

They are broadcasting the same ad on radio on a regular basis. The message is same in radio also. They are broadcasting the ad at various times to inform and remind audiences about their better network. Print media: Grameen phone regularly posts many ads in various newspapers about their various features. As a telecom company like others they usually print various features and services related ads. Thus they do not print much this ad in newspapers as it just inform about their better network everywhere even in rural place. Outdoor media: The ad is mainly placed at airport road, banani road and other important places.

On the billboards they placed a picture of a rural woman talking over phone. There is only one message written the tagline of Grameen phone “stay close”. Findings and comments: The total ad shows a rural environment where a young woman missing her husband. The rural place gives the message of grameen phone’s better network at villages and the emotional story regarding the woman is properly fitted with their tagline “kachhe thakun”. The ad tries to shows no matter what the weather is, consumers will still can be connected with their loved ones.

I think as in towns and cities people are appropriately aware of and using mobile phones, thus Grameen phone is now targeting rural people to inform and influence about their service with better network than others. The ad is broadcasting randomly to reach all their existing customers and to influence others. I think the ad is very beautifully produced as the ad is really well known and already famous. The ad’s insight hit the Maslaw’s third step of hierarchy needs as it is an emotional ad including love, affection and belongingness.

It is an informative as well as persuasive ad for the rural people which make them feel and need of staying close with their loving relatives and also the matter that it is possible. Grameen phone randomly broadcasts the ad to reach mass audiences and also having lots of billboards besides highways. One thing that seems me kind of annoying that there are same billboards continuously containing same picture and message on roads. They tried to make positive attitude of customers toward Grameen phone through a nice and beautifully produced emotional ad.

They tried to influence rural people for behavioral component of attitude which can lead the people of rural areas to switch or buy their services. They successfully showed Maslow’s social need of hierarchy level. Airtel: The fastest growing telecom company which recently launched as Airtel from Warid. TV commercial: The commercial shows that a couple is moving towards their way to home in a place where they get separated. Their face look gloomy this point but just right after their separation they see that they are actually not separated.

They discover them with the touch of their loving one in every place they go like the wall written “I miss u”, in book’s page written “I love u”, in television, the boy buy flowers and the flowers fly to the girl. Lastly the boy sees that a cup of coffee is drawn on a glass of shop and the girl is waiting for him with a cup of coffee, and suddenly both of them get exposed to each other. Then a voice gives the message that in their world no one will stay away from their partners. The ad was frequently broadcasted on various channels when it was first launched specially at night to reach target audience.

Their target audience is the young generation and they choose their models and concept keeping their target audience in consideration. Their tagline is “valobashar tane pashe ane. ” Maslaw’s third level of hierarchy is hitted through tha ad. Radio: Airtel sponsors various programs at different fm stations as in our country the young people are the main audience of radio programs. So airtel sponsors the programs which are especially popular among young people, and broadcast the ad in this programs break time and other times as well. The message and contains are same. Print media:

The ad was regularly published in several national dailies when it was first launched. But as Airtel now launching new services and features, they are now publishing those service and feature based ads very often. Outdoor media: The case is same here also; the billboards are full of new features like live entertainment and so on. Even though some popular places and places where young people visit frequently the ad has the billboard with the models picture and the tagline of Airtel “valobashar tane pashe ane”. Findings and comments: The whole campaign is targeted to a particular segmented consumer sector and that is young generation.

The creator chooses the models and concept of the ad considering their targeted market. In the message the voice said in their world no one have to stay away from their loving persons, which means they are fulfilling the love and affection level of Maslaw’s hierarchy theory. They use the models from young people and established a concept. The concept is totally emotional, almost all the telecom sector is focusing on emotions in our country and Airtel is not the difference. They were broadcasting the ad in all the national TV channels and radio stations to catch the attention of their targeted customer.

Especially in our country young people listen to the radio very often, this is why Airtel sponsors many musical programs to reach their targeted customers. As their targeted customer is young generation who are very aware and stay updated with the world they should have think before choosing the models and locations. Because they know that the models and locations are not in Bangladesh, which could make a problem for them to pursue their targeted audiences. I am saying this because I have heard from many people about their disappointment regarding the issue.

The ad is informative about their new launch of Airtel from Warid. They tried to make a positive feeling through the whole concept about love and affection focusing on consumer’s affective component of attitude. Their tagline “valobashar tane pashe ane” is also matched with their targeted audience. Their new launching campaign was informative as well as very persuasive also. When they broadcasting the ad in TV and radio the Dhaka city were totally designed with full of their banners, billboards, posters. Consumer products Otobi furniture: Otobi is the best known furniture manufacturer brand in our country.

They have lots of ads of their various offers, sales etc and broadcasts frequently. Among all of those the ad named ‘jungle’ is worthy to be discussed in our ad analysis report. TV commercial: The commercial shows a jungle as the title of the commercial is ‘jungle’. In the jungle at first various animals and birds are shown, besides they show several kinds of beautiful furniture are forming from trees in the jungle. The commercial does not have any verbal or written message contained, it is an artistic where they tried to give the message that Otobi’s furniture are made from solid wood.

They tried to give a sensible message through an artistic ad. This is a commercial where no models other than some animals, birds and trees, no verbal messages other than some sounds of birds and nature. The ad focuses on the first and third level of Maslow’s hierarchy of need theory, physiological need as for shelter we need proper furniture to sit, sleep and so on. Again Otobi is a premium brand in our country thus using furniture from Otobi fulfills customers esteem need. Radio: As the commercial has no verbal message thus Otobi does not broadcast this ad in radio, though they have other ads to broadcast on radio.

Print media: Otobi places this ad in almost all well established national dalies especially in Prothom Alo. They usually place the ad on the bottom of the first page or last page so that the people who only read the headline can also be exposed to the ad. Sometimes the ad is also published in second page or middle pages but usually in small size than the first or last pages ad. Besides Otobi places other types of ads on newspaper for sales and so on. Outdoor media: I saw billboards of this ad beside khilkhet, airport road, gulshan, banani.

Other than these places they have their billboards crowded place like gulshan circle, and other commercial places where a variety of offices are situated. The billboards contain pictures of furniture formation from trees and the brand name of Otobi. Findings and comments: The ad shows the formation of furniture from trees in a jungle, which have a special message that they are manufacturing their furniture from real wood. The ad has no verbal and written message other than some natural sounds of birds and animals; even the concept is clear and precise enough to understand.

Otobi is already a well established brand but the commercial also tries to make brand positioning in consumer mind as a premium. Buying Otobi furniture people will feel of buying a premium brand furnitures or stuffs, as the ad hit esteem need of Maslaw’s hierarchy level perfectly. Showing the formation of furnitures from real trees they are actually creating positive attitude in audience’s mind, which refers to affective component of attitude and can lead people to behavioral component of attitude for which their sales can increase.

They tried to reach the middle, upper middle, higher class educated audiences who can understand the art and rational appeal of the ad, as they do not have any verbal or written message other than their brand name. I think they successfully reaching their targeted segment as their actual customers are middle and upper class of the society. They could reach more people and audiences if they have been putted any verbal or written messages. Even they did not put any tagline for the ad and their brand. Banking sector UCB bank:

This is one of the fastest growing private banks in Bangladesh. TV commercial: This is a one minute length’s TV commercial specially produced for Cricket World Cup 2011 to inspire Bangladesh team’s captain Sakib Al Hasan. The ad starts with two school boy who come late in class having bat and ball in their hand, the teacher asks their name and the first boy says that his name is Sakib Al Hasan and the other boy shouts that his name is also the same. Then the teacher also claims that if they are Sakib Al Hasan then who he is! This part of the ad is comedy.

Then it shows boys playing cricket writing Sakib’s name on their back, a man selling tickets in the name of Sakib, a bride says the name of Sakib in place of her husband, Sakib’s picture on ludu board, in hospital all the new born baby’s name is Sakib al Hasan, young generation also spraying the name of Sakib in walls. In the last part some young boys and girls posing with Sakib’s picture in front of UCB bank, suddenly Sakib came out of UCB bank and take pictures with those young people. The submessage of the ad is “bangladesher jan, bangladesher pran Sakib Al Hasan”.

The ad says that the whole country relies on Sakib and Sakib relies on UCB bank. This bank’s tagline is “happy banking”. The ad focused on maslaw’s esteem need of hierarchy level. The ad is broadcasting on various channel frequently, as well as in break time of news. The ad covers almost all level of people in the country. They targeted all the audiences who need banking service and fan of Bangladeshi cricket team. Radio: They are broadcasting the same ad on radio on a regular basis. The message is same in radio also. I found this ad to be broadcasted at morning and evening time to expose the official people at their way.

Besides in break of programs and news in radio they broadcast the ad. Print media: I saw this in a variety of newspapers like Prothom Alo, Ittefaq, Kaler kantha etc. The ads take place in the middle of the papers where business and international features are published. I have found that they sometimes print their ads on the page of sports news, besides on the supplementary pages also. Outdoor media: I saw the ad besides the highway as well as besides the bus counter in Dhaka city. The billboards and posters contain picture of young boy’s back written Sakib’s name and expanding his hands in air.

The written message on these billboards and posters is “Bangladesher jan, Bangladesher pran Sakib Al Hasan”. Direct mail: UCB bank usually sends direct mail to their clients when new services are need to b introduced. As this ad is only to support and inspire Bangladeshi Cricket team they do not need to do any mail about this particular ad. Findings and comments: The ad is inspiring and supporting for Bangladeshi Cricket team. It shows how much Bangladeshi people are relying on our team captain Sakib Al Hasan and thus they try to give people a feeling that Sakib is relying on them whereas the whole country is relying on Sakib.

They targeted the whole country that need banking service as they selected models from almost every level. They showed that Sakib is coming out of UCB bank which means that Sakib is also a client of their service. By showing this they knock people’s esteem need that they are using the bank which is used by Sakib Al Hasan also. They showed all the scenes with happy models which also match their tagline “happy banking”. They tried to show rational and emotional appeal through the trust of Sakib on the bank, to make positive attitude towards the bank.

The best thing they did is the ad effectively targeted the entire banking consumer group. Steel industry AKS steel: TV commercial: The ad shows that a ‘ghotok’ sitting on a sofa giving description of a boy who is ninety nine percent good in front of the girls’ family of members. The ghotok was giving speech of different kinds of positive side of the boy such as the boy is like hero, tall, handsome, engineer, MBA with talentpul scholarship, responsible etc. The ghotok says that the only problem is the guy just goes to night club.

Then the ad shows the family members who are very pious staring at the ghotok is wondering. This part of the ad is funny, the rest of the ad shows tells that sometimes one percent impurity is the cause of hundred percent dangers. They show that AKS TMT is made from hundred percent steel. The tagline of the ad is ‘100% refined steel’. The ad is mainly shown at night, besides I saw the ad at morning and afternoon also. The ad hits maslaw’s safely level of need theory Radio: The ad is frequently broadcasted at various Fm radio channels. The message of the ad is similar to the TV commercial.

It is also being broadcasted at the break of the radio programs. Print media: The ad is sometimes published on the national dailies like Prothom Alo, Ittefaq, Jono Kantha etc. The ad usually published on second or third page of the newspaper at bottom or bottom left or bottom right. Outdoor media: AKS steel co. has this ad on big size billboards on the middle of crowded circles and where three or more roads join together. The billboards contain the picture of the Ghotok. The billboard also contains the message “kkhono ek vag kharap e eksho vag bipoder karon hote pare”.

Another thing written ‘100% refined steel’. Besides they have billboards with the picture of AKS pure steel. Findings and comments: The ad is rational though the concept is fun based entertainment. They choose the model appropriately. They tried to convince the families who believe in purity and bondage. They showed that the boy is good in every side except the night club matter, but for a pious family this one percent night club matter is like hundred percent impurity. Thus they showed that sometimes one percent impurity can ruin a house where we live with our family.

They tried to target the families who are going to build their own home and finding the right materials. They showed a whole family thus they tried to make the ad little emotional regarding the safety of family. They effectively showed the comparison of the boy and the impure steel’s consequence. They hit the safety need level of need theory as they said that sometimes one percent impurity is the cause of hundred percent dangers. They are trying to reach mass audiences by broadcasting the ad on various TV channels and fm stations at different times in days and nights.

I think they should have a precise and more meaningful tagline for their brand. They are trying to create a position in consumer minds’ such that whenever people think about pure steel they think about AKS steel. Conclusion: In our country’s perspective culture, emotion, bondage etc are vital things on consumer consideration. The companies thus trying to reach their customers and convey their messages through using Bangladesh’s culture, emotions etc. I have found that companies use emotional appeal more than rational appeal.

The four media through which they provide their information are discussed above, but other than these some Medias are used less in our country such these Medias are direct mail, online advertisements. Only some banks send direct mail to their clients to inform about their new services and features but others do not. Online advertisements are those where companies post their ads in a mixture of different websites like Pepsi, Grameen Phone regularly post their ads on social network facebook and other websites bdnews. com. Advertisements are also used to change customers’ attitude towards the advertiser.

Advertisers try to influence and make understand their targeted customers through advertisements. Some other findings I got when researching for this assignment that career opportunity ads are mostly placed at Friday’s newspaper. Again consumer products’ ads are shown at day mainly; in news break bank’s ads are frequently broadcasted. In today’s competitive circumstances advertisements plays vital role to the way success for any brand. People are more conscious and aware of alternative products and features thus advertisement sector has become a battle of competition.

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