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5 May 2018

They got their name at their first restaurant, the building has a sign with room for just nine characters, they wanted to use “pizza” in the name and the word “hut” is suggested by their family as the building looked like a hut. Today, Pizza Hut is the largest and best pizza distribution system in the world and it is part of Yum Restaurant International the largest restaurant group with restaurant in nearly 1 00 countries around the world. Pizza Hut began its operations in Malaysia on 19th May 1 982 with the opening of its first outlet at Yow Chuan Plaza, Koala Lump.

The Pizza Hut company mission statement is “To be the best pizza for every pizza occasion. ” “Alone we are delicious, together we are YON! ” Pizza Hut Malaysia strives to continually develop and innovate new and existing pizza for variety, taste and value in the food industry; Provide opportunity for the personal and professional growth and development of all staff by forging excellence through talented people; Continue to deliver customer satisfaction through Quick Service Restaurant Operators; Increase market share and return on investment of the shareholders.Their vision is to make the people know that for all the eating items they desire to eat can be made available in minimum time without our effort excluding money and to improve the well- Ewing of our customer, community and people connected to our enterprise “Run Great Restaurant”. The target market of the Pizza Hut is family members which include adult, both men and women. More specifically; this includes professionals, large families with young children, and college students.These customers are generally divided into two groups: Core customers who use Pizza Hut 70% of their pizza occasions and Switchers who are not necessarily brand loyal to Pizza Hut but use us 20-69% of their pizza occasion. Moreover, Pizza Hut also targeting the customer by two types dines in and takes away.

Advertising and Promotional Essay Example

Dine in is for those who love to have seedtime with their friends and age fellows and some families. Take away is for those who don’t have reach to any Pizza Hut outlet and they want Pizza Hut products.They can give the order on phone by calling their hotlist 1300-88-2525 and may have their pizza at their home within 30 minutes as per policy of Pizza Hut. Pizza hut have made many ways to position their products like; Advertisements in which they have differentiate their pizzas in quality. (Advertisements through newspaper, television, radio, and billboards) and their uniqueness, taste and varieties. Although the positioning statement is different from different countries but it has always hovered around its “PIZZA”.COMMUNICATION PROCESS Pizza Hut is known for putting unique ingredients in their pizza crust.

Now, Pizza Hut is offering something different with their first time ever squirting pizza containing a burst of cheese and tangy sauce. The new Super Pan Pizza is a delight till the last bite. It is Pizza Hut’s signature Pan Pizza with a crust piped full or melted cheese and tangy Garlic Annapolis sauce. This pizza is topped with savory chicken chunks, chicken loaf, characterized pineapples and capsicums.It also comes in other five different flavors that are tuna sensation, deluxe cheese, Hawaiian chicken, pepperoni delight, and veggie lover. Pizza Hut uses the finest mozzarella, provolone, Parmesan and cheddar cheese imported directly from France in producing their pizza toppings. The Super Pan Pizza is available in three sizes that are personal 6″, regular 9″, and large 12″.

The target markets for Pizza Hut are family, students, and also office workers. Since Super Pan Pizza is a totally new product of Pizza Hut, therefore advertisement can be used to create awareness and attract current and non- rent customers.In the advertisement, Pizza Hut shares the product image, description, and also information regarding new Super Pan Pizza. First and foremost, in the screening of the printed advertisement, the advertisement shows a large picture of the all new Super Pan Pizza with the burst display of cheese and tangy sauce that covers almost 60 percent of the whole advertisement so that once the readers see the advertisement they will be directly attracted to the Super Pan Pizza.Pizza Hut uses a rather dull color for the background Of the advertisement to make the pizza stands out in the advertisement. In addition to that, a colorful mix of colors in the ingredients of the topping of pizza that made the pizza more attractive and makes readers feel the deliciousness of the pizza. Another attractiveness of the advertisement is the burst of the colorful cheese and tangy sauce and the description of “cheese and Annapolis sauce in the crust that’s crispy outside, fluffy inside! This makes the reader able to feel and imagine the burst of the sauce in their mouth while eating the Super pan Pizza.

At the bottom of the advertisement, there is a special 30 percent discount offer for Mbabane and American Express card users. Last but not least, the Super Pan Pizza advertisement shows the Pizza Hut’s Faceable and Twitter page for users to obtain further information about Pizza Hut and their menu. SUMMARY What would your standard for an effectiveness printed advertisement? Getting the right messages matching with the advertisement purpose?But it is hard to measure the result of the advertisement, but there are several guidelines to makes an effective advertisement. There are three separate components of print copy, the headline, the subhead, and the body copy. First of all, headline in an advertisement is the leading sentence or sentences hat attracts attention, communicates a key selling point, or achieves brand identification. With the headline of”Burst of cheese and tangy sauce in the all- time favorites PAN PIZZA Crust” which strengthen the features selling point of the Pizza with cheese and sauce.Next, a subhead consists of a few words or a short sentence and serves basically the same purpose as a headline to communicate key selling points or brand information quickly.

. The subhead should reinforce the headline and stimulate a more complete reading of the entire ad. The Subhead in this advertisement “Cheese & Garlic Annapolis sauce in the crust that’s crispy outside, fluffy inside! ” was reinforcing with the headline selling point which point out the main features of the product.Lastly, the body copy is the textual component of an advertisement written to reinforce the headline and subhead, is compatible with and gains strength from the visual, and is interesting to the reader. From the bottom sentence of this advertisement is description the illustration in details of the ingredients made. Other than that, there are several principles of effective advertising such as repeated tastiness, simplicity and identifiable selling point with the ambition of visual image and illustration.Firstly, repeated tastiness is visual consistency combined with consistent tastiness can be a powerful approach.

Tagging must remain the same when the ad is change. Which Pizza Hut are showing their brand name and logo repeatedly and remain unchanged in their advertisement, this is a Cognitive message which to create brand awareness develop a cognitive linkage between a specific brand name and product category and it works best for Pizza Hut which is the brand leader in Malaysia pizza industry.Secondly, simplicity is that an advertisement shouldn’t overload with information. Short but clear tastiness and information will be much easier to read. Pizza Hut applied this in the headline with appropriate words spacing and different front size to highlights their selling point and provide information for their product. Thirdly, identifiable selling point is what its emphasis on the feature point, from the advertisement we can see that the selling point have a headline with bigger front size with attractive color can captured people’s attention and avoid vagueness.Fourthly, illustration in the context of print and digital advertising is the actual photography, or computer-generated art that forms the picture in an advertisement to attract the audience’s attention, communicate brand features or benefits, and stimulate reading of the body copy with the headline.

The most straight forward illustration is one that simply displays brand features, benefits or both. Even though a print ad is static, the product can be shown in use through an “action” scene or even through a series Of illustrations. Illustrations can create curiosity and interest for readers to proceed to the body copy.Pizza Hut applied it and created the stream of cheesy and sauces to get reader’s attention and curiosity to trial on the product. Besides, other various factors contribute to the overall visual presentation and impact of an illustration. Size and color affect viewers. The first factor is size; there is no question that greater size in an illustration may allow an ad to compete more successfully for the reader’s attention, especially in a cluttered media environment.

Consumers appear to infer brand importance from the relative size of an ad.Generally speaking, illustrations with a focal point immediately recognizable by the reader are more likely to be noticed and comprehended- often this is brand itself, the brand logo or the brand package. The second factor is Color, it can be used to emphasize a brand feature or attract the reader’s attention to a particular part of an ad. Pizza Hut has choosing color printed for their advertisement with a reason that showing their advertisement in color can attract consumer’s eyes and increase their favorite of their brand image which Pizza Hut are majority in Red and Black.In our opinion, this advertisement is successful and effective with systematic arrangement of the components of a printed copy, provided short but clear information, appropriate front size and attractive front’s color, effective printed advertisement size, and attractive illustration which is able to captured people’s attention to continue reading the advertisement. MIMIC MEDIA TOOLS Traditional media channels such as advertising on television, radio, and newspaper play an important role in developing a fully integrated marketing program. These media often reach a broad audience and thus can be relatively expensive.

Yet in your industry or region, they may be very effective in helping us reach the market. Company depends on the effective advertising to attract customers and encourage purchasing and create a larger consumer base. For each target market, media should be chosen that will best reach the target racket. Traditional media channels have a high success rate and are proven. With traditional media channels, anyone with a newspaper, mail service, television or radio can learn of your business or service because it is very much a part in our lives and easily available to their audience.For the existing traditional media channels that Pizza Hut using, they are using television advertising, outdoor advertising and newspaper advertising. For the television advertising, it allows great creative flexibility with the integration of sight, sound, and motion, and makes possible dramatic presentations of the product.

Furthermore, it also offers advertisers the ability to reach highly segmented market through the many cable channels that are available now. By using this media, the advertising has greater clutter such as changing channels during the advertising time, voice from outsiders and so on.Outdoor advertising will consists entirely of billboards, and they are permanent and cannot be turned off by the customers like television. But it has only short exposure time and only brief message to the target audience. Newspaper advertising allows for individualized local advertising and it is a tedium capable of reaching numerous market segments. The disadvantages of newspaper advertising are short life span and major clutter for the target audiences especially holidays. On the other hand, traditional media channels restricted to the place of performances, and the reach is limited.

That limited to the scope of performances and cater only to the certain target audiences. Pizza Hut may combine the traditional media channels with e-active marketing to reach larger audiences toward their advertisements. E-Active Marketing is a term used to describe two major components of internet marketing which are e- amerce and interactive marketing. E-active marketing allow consumers rely on Internet to search the products, to shop, to make comparisons, to read the comments and so on.Nowadays, many companies are transferring their business more to Internet based, because conducting business online is cheaper than having a physical location. Since the E-active marketing is so popular, Pizza Hut also expands their business to E-active marketing. E- commerce is one of the E-active marketing, and it selling goods and services on the Internet.

From the Pizza Hut website, they are providing the online talon, shopping cart, payment System store locator customer reviews and feedback and so on. The E-commerce convenient their customer and increased their sales. Consumer can make their order online and having a delivery service.Interactive marketing is the development of marketing programs that creates interplay between consumers and businesses rather than simply sending messages to potential customers. Two ways communication is needed for the involvement. Online advertising, brand spiraling blobs, online social networks, e-mail and viral marketing are the method for the marketers to communicate with the consumers. Pizza Hut trying to send the key messages or introduce their product to their consumer by advertises their product in the blobs, online social networks like Faceable, Twitter, and online advertisement.

Blobbing and advertising having a big relationship on it because flogger help to promote the favorite brands and giving a good comment on the products to the blob viewers. E-active marketing are able to help Pizza Hut making their service more effective and increase their sales while lowering their cost. It can also build a stronger customer base, customer loyalty and overcome consumer at the same time. Suggestion/Comment The advertisement that our group had choose is Pizza Hut advertisement in newspaper that would like to introduce their latest Super Pan Pizza.In the advertisement, there is an illustration showing the good-tasting and the stickiness of cheese and garlic sauce squeezing out. The illustration is attractive with its appearance and is good to attract the attention of the reader’s. Besides with the attractive illustration, apply with the proper promotional tools will increase the sales of the product and achieve the marketing purpose.

There are many types of promotional tools which are ales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, public relation, internet marketing and so on.The appropriate promotional tools that can be used to convey the information to their targeted customer are sales promotion and public relations. Sales promotion is any incentive such as vouchers, rebates, and discount prices and so on used to stimulate interest, trial, or purchase of a product or service. The purpose of sales promotion used by organization is to generate short term sales. This tool is applicable especially for the new product like Pizza Hut-Super Pan Pizza in order to stimulate the awareness of he customers and attract them to try on it.For example, using the discount prices offer to the new product to stimulate and promote to customers are effective because customers are more willing to purchase and try a new product with cheaper prices, and Pizza Hut can setting a limited period of time for the promotion items like giving a discount prices only for a certain period of time from pm to pm walk-in purchase in order to urge consumer take action and purchase the new product. The second promotional tool that Pizza Hut should use to promote their new product is public relation.

Public relation is a method that a company to establishes and enhance their image or reputations.Public relation involves the efforts and hard work of company to maintain their image in customer’s mind. By using public relations tools such as sponsorship can build positive minded among customer, this is cost efficient and can increase their sales indirectly. Organizations must need to spent money for those activities but sponsorship is normally cheaper than printed advertisement and broadcast advertisement. For example, Pizza Hut can sponsor their latest pizza product n certain events like orphanage, old folk’s home to create a good reputation and confidence towards the organization.

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