Advertising Management: Advertising Critique

1 January 2017

Advertising Critique MM 575: Advertising Management Summer I 2012: Monday DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management Advertising Critique I. Introduction: Welcome as a customer of The Keller Advertising Agency! We are very great full and we feel very honored that you have chosen our agency. As Vice President, we want to thank you for choosing our agency to help you introduce your new eReader into the marketplace. Our agency is pleased to help you create a market that will welcome your new product with open arms and know that your targeted audience is receiving an eReader that is different from others in the market right now.The Keller Advertising Agency is an award winning agency who will be sure to put your needs first so we can capture a spot in the marketplace for your new eReader. We will accomplish this by ensuring that we have a clear vision of your mission, message, values, to exhibit creativity of your product and to help the consumer to be able to identity LibraTech’s eReader from other eReaders in the market.

The Keller Advertising Agency will create an integrated marketing communication strategy that will speak consistently with one voice, one message and to let LibraTech’s eReader compete in the market place with other readrs.The most effective advertising strategy is focusing on your target audience; product concept; communications media; and advertising message. Choosing your target audience will make a difference in how LibraTech’s eReader is positioned in the marketplace. It’s crucial because understanding your intended targeted audience will be in mediums that targets urban lifestyle living audiences. eReaders attract different types of audiences from casual readers, professionals, students who are looking for easy access to their books.Another group to target will be technical savy consumers. The focus targeted audience will be students and technical savy consumers because of the flip-page technology and fabulous full color that allows those readers to read any type of book .

This will allow LibraTech to create a market segment that is looking for the latest graphics capability and technology features. Students can be a wide rage group because colleges are stearing books to eReaders on destop computers, laptop and hand held eReaders alike.High schools are bringing the latest technology into the classroom to expand the way children are learning. Next LibraTech’s product concept tells the features of the eReader as stated above, the pricing strategy will come between the three featured competitors eReader ranging from $59 to $99 for the targeted audience so more students can afford the product. Also, technical savy consumers will be able to afford this product for their children without breaking the budget.The competitors’ brands are more expensive and limits most students and technical savy audiences to be able to participate in the eReader market without having to purchase refurbished eReaders from Amazon, half. com, ebay and other online retail websites.

To leverage on consumer behavior issues, LibraTech will address the needs and wants of the targeted audience by utilizing focus groups to evaluate their decision-making and relevant internal psychological processes. The small targeted audience will participate in studies by marketing the product on campuses across schools in the United States and Globally.The communications media that will be used are press releases, social media networking via blogs, facebook and twitter, group forums and videos. The advertising message will be a consistent message to the targeted audience through the copy, symbols and/or pictures. The advertising message that the targeted audience will know is “It’s Easy and Everywhere You Want to Be” – LibraTech The advertising strategy that has worked very well is the social media networking advertising strategy because it allows for cost control.Image and website advertising has not worked very well because it limits a products exposure and allows room for higher advertising costs. The social media networking advertising strategy method is less costly and it appears to work very well for the competitor Booken the maker of Cybook Odossey.

The press release will be the first method used to get the word out that LibraTech has arrived on the market. The next step will be to create a blog with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help leverage LibraTech’s strategic positioning on the internet.

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