Writing a descriptive essay for the agency would definitely require a well-built hint of creativity. The purpose is not just to sound best, but also to stir interest by using little but crispy choice of words. First step is to know who your client is and what precisely is their service. This step will guide you to topics you need to research in order to fulfill the client’s requirements. What specifications do they yearn to see? How can they stand better from their competitors?

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 It is very important to know all the essential facts about your client. You will need the complete list of their services and the corresponding price, their location, their birth as an agency, their history, and even the problems they’ve encountered in the past. It would be necessary to know the best things your client can offer.  In simple terms, all information that would further present the agency to the common readers their top of the line services will be valuable.

Your research paper on the other hand, could begin by reading articles about most demanded advertising services or readings about top ad agencies in the country. This is what you can do to narrow down your topic. You can ask, what line of services does these agencies specialized? Critical and Creative thinking skills should be employed as you go through the research process (Cunningham and Saigo,2007).

CRITICAL THINKING: What I am trying to accomplish here and how will I know when I have succeeded?
CREATIVE THINKING: How might I approach this problem in new and inventive way?

The purpose of the research is important in discovering strong points that you can hold in writing for the descriptive text of the agency. Other agencies’ strengths and weaknesses are salient to find out. You can pose this argumentative thesis statement: The agency should set target time and promptly submit quality work to its clients in order to set an edge (faster and superior work) above its competitors.

Understanding the concept of your essay entails help from research. The biggest challenge wouldbe the availability of resources and the time frame of the project. It is also a challenge to substantiate your study. Drawing conclusions and recommendations from the research done is easy when findings correspond to all your assumptions.

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Now we go back to the first step. The information youneed in order to write an effective descriptive essay are the specific services of the agency. Descriptive essays are dependent to the writer’s ability to look for its client’s pros. Therefore the role of writer to encapsulate all good qualities in words that is catchy, remarkable and memorable. Playing with words is simple when you know everything about your client.



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