Advertising Strategies: Comedy vs. Sexuality

4 April 2015
Comparison of two different marketing strategies; one based on humor and one on sex.

This paper compares two different marketing strategies: humor and sex. The author discusses how comedy prevails over sexuality in advertisements because comedy is more memorable and generally more easily applies to the product. The paper is based on six advertisements, half comedy and half sexuality and spends a section discussing each and its pros and cons.
“Both humorous and sexual themes are used in advertisements because marketing executives believe these to be the most direct way to sell a product. Marketing executives rely on comedy and sex to sell their products, but while interest may be generated for the ad itself using these methods, interest in the actual product can only be obtained if the comedy or sex is realistically applicable to the product itself. When comparing the two kinds of ads, comedy ads are generally much better at showing applicability than are sexual ads

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