Advocating Abolition Timeline Transatlantic Slave Trade

2 February 2018

He takes 300 Africans and trades them with the Spanish and Portuguese for sugar, hides, spices and pearls Backed by Queen Elizabeth l, Hawkins makes his second slavery voyage trading 500 Africans for precious metals, pearls and eels Hawkins makes his third and final slavery’ voyage, again with the Queen’s investment, involving six ships, including one captained by his cousin Sir Francis Drake.After trading 500 Africans in the Caribbean, Hawkins sought refugee from storms in the Mexican port of San Juan De Luau, where he is ambushed by the Spanish. Many of Hawkins’ crew is captured; some face the Inquisition, others forced into slavery and some taken back to Spain to be hung.Only three ships return to Plymouth, carrying seventy out of the original four hundred men 7th Century Colony of Virginia is founded and is the first permanent English settlement in North America; soon becoming one of the main areas for the arrival of enslaved Africans King James establishes The Company of Adventurers of London Trading into the ports of Africa, more commonly known as The Guiana Company; the first private company to colonies Africa for profit Beginning of trade in enslaved Africans in Virginia to grow tobacco The first English settlement on SST Skits is established by Thomas Warner Barbados becomes an English Caribbean colonyFirst ship of enslaved Africans arrive on SST. Skits Slave rebellion takes place in Barbados England takes control of Jamaica from Spain Escaped slaves in Jamaica create ‘Maroon’ settlements in the mountains Slave rebellion in Guadalupe led by Angola Juan De Bolas, a Jamaican leader of escaped slaves (maroons’) surrenders to the British but on terms of pardon and freedom. Other Maroons continue to fight British rule Demand for African labor for the Barbados sugar plantations intensifies The Royal African Company is re-formed after its elapse in 1667 to regulate the English slave trade.

By the 1 sass it is transporting approximately 5000 slaves per year 35 slaves are executed for plotting to rebel in Jamaica ‘Lobby’s rebellion’ in Jamaica; 200 slaves escape to the mountains Slave conspiracy in Jamaica uncovered Slave rebellion in Jamaica suppressed Major slave revolt in Jamaica Slave conspiracy to slaughter whites discovered in Barbados Royal African Company monopoly ends. The slave trade is officially opened to private traders causing a dramatic increase in Africans being transported onEnglish ships 80% of Caribbean inhabitants are enslaved Africans 18th Century War of the Spanish Succession. In 1 713 Britain gains all of SST. Skits, and the right (assents) to import enslaved people to Spanish America is granted to the South Sea Company Quakers in Britain officially express their disapproval of the slave trade in their London Yearly Meeting Book 1729 1730 1730-39 1735-36 1745 1746 1752 1756-63 1759 1760 1765 SASS 1772 1772-73 1774 Slave rebellion in Cuba Britain becomes the largest slave trading country First Maroon War in Jamaica.British agree a treaty with the Maroon leader Cuddle in 1739 giving the Maroons 1,500 acres of land in return for helping to capture other escaped slaves ‘Attacks rebellion’ in Antigen Aloud Equation (author of The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Aloud Equation, or Gustavo Vassal, the African) is born Slave rebellion in Jamaica Slave rebellion in Martinique Seven Years War. Britain gains Dominica, Grenade, SST Vincent and Tobago William Wildflower, the abolitionist, is born in Hull Slave revolts in Jamaica last for several months, up to 400 rebels are executedThomas Clarion, the abolitionist, is born Granville Sharp begins legal challenges to the British slave trade with the case of Jonathan Strong The abolitionist campaigner Granville Sharpe collects evidence showing that slavery is incompatible with English Law John Holman, an American Quaker and early anti-slavery campaigner comes to England to gather support from English Quakers The Somerset case in London. Chief Justice Lord Mansfield rules that enslaved people in England cannot be forced to return to the West Indies.

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This ruling does not entitle slaves in England their freedomJohn Stemmed joins a military expedition to suppress a slave rebellion in Saurian, South America and is appalled by the inhumanity shown to Africans. In 1 796 he publishes ‘The Narrative Of a Five Years Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Saurian’, a full account of his experiences that becomes a classic of abolitionist literature John Wesley, an early leader of the Methodist movement, publishes anti-slavery tract Thoughts Upon Slavery 1775 1775-83 1778 1781 1783 1786 1787 1788 Royal Commission is set up to take evidence on the slave trade American War Of Independence.France seizes Grenade, Tobago and SST Skits from Britain but retains only Tobago after the Peace of Versailles The Knight vs. Waterbury legal case in Edinburgh rules that enslavement is incompatible with Scots law The Gong case causes outrage and strengthens the abolition campaign: 470 Africans are forced onto the slave ship Gong. The cramped conditions are so appalling that seven crew members and sixty Africans died from sickness; the remaining 1 33 sick Africans are thrown overboard and left to drown.The case is heard as an insurance dispute not a murder trial London Yearly Meeting resent to Parliament the first petition against the slave trade signed by 273 Quakers Thomas Clarion’s ‘An Essay on the Slavery and Commerce Of the Human Species’ is published and makes an immediate impact The Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade is founded Due to the to growing concern about conditions in the ‘Middle Passage’ the Dolmen Act limits the number of enslaved people a ship is permitted to carry.

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