As the communist dictator of China I would make great leaps in the promotion of privatized healthcare among the general population of the country. Propaganda, holding the interests of certain key politicians, and providing incentives to those in support of the movement will not only promote awareness of the issue but will also increase the numbers of those against government mandated healthcare. In order to accomplish success in the establishment of privatized healthcare those members of my panel who disagree with this policy must be reduced to a minority.

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The propaganda distributed by my office will be the primary source used to influence the interest of the general population of the country. Television commercials, magazine and newspaper advertisements, and various billboards and other forms of media will demonstrate the benefits the average citizen receives from privatized healthcare. These forms of advertisement will be positive and centered on the people and community as a whole. This type of propaganda will allow the citizens to relate to the issue and will provide them with a positive perspective.

A tactic that will not be so easily visible to the public is that of holding the interests of those politicians and civic leaders who possess a large following of citizens. Swaying these officials towards a pro-privatized healthcare stance will then subsequently sway a majority of the citizens who already actively agree with their ideals. One of the more straightforward ways to turn these key persons is to simply bribe them. Bribing is not always necessarily comprised of a monetary agreement but can include government sponsorship of certain programs that hold their interest or giving them a certain amount of “push power” on an issue or law going up through the government. The cost-benefit analysis must be used in this area of policy strategy. The cost of winning over an official must be weighed against how much pull his following will have on the passing of bill.

Incentives can be a very loosely defined word. As discussed earlier, normal incentives, those comprised of rewards and benefits, can be displayed through advertisements

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and media. Incentives can also be provided as positive benefits towards politicians and leaders as gateways to sway the votes of those who associate themselves with them. Incentives can also be the absence of a punishment or negative reinforcement. Say, for instance, that the establishment of government mandated healthcare will result in higher taxes on the citizens and less benefits as far as the medical program goes. If one wanted to get particularly extreme they could threaten the general population with imprisonment, loss of rights, and denial of privileges. After all, this is a communist society and it is not entirely farfetched.

Those members of my staff and political leaders who oppose the policy of privatized healthcare must also be addressed. They must not be allowed to grow into or affect the majority of the population. This would result in a certain defeat of the policy no matter to what extent I use my authority as a dictator. Extreme measure such as special military operations and political black-balling must be taken in order to ensure that these key officials do not spread their ideologies throughout the general population.

As a communist leader it is unexpected that I would support or even entertain the idea of privatized healthcare however, for the purposes of effectiveness and its stimulation of the economy I view privatized healthcare as the best way to aid in the superiority of the country on a global scale. The means taken to ensure this policy must be effective and extreme but only to a certain point.

The trust of the people must not be broken. As I already hold the trust of the people, my opinion would be the most powerful factor in influencing their decision. My advocation of the privatized healthcare policy will in turn jump start all other means of influence throughout the country. In order of priority, the means that must be taken to accomplish the passing of the privatized healthcare policy are distributing propaganda, maintaining the interests of certain political and civic leaders, providing incentive to the general population, and reducing those politicians against the passing of the policy to a minority of the population by whatever means necessary.

In conclusion, as the communist dictator of China, I am prepared to take almost any means necessary to ensure the survival of this policy. While some of these tactics are by no means legal from a democratic standpoint, they are appropriate and necessary in a communist government. It would be nearly impossible for the opponents of either me or the policy to be successful in shutting down the passing of the privatized healthcare policy.

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