“Gender Issues is interdisci…

11 November 2018

“Gender Issues is interdisciplinary and cross-national in scope, focusing on gender and gender equity”. The gender issue is something that has been around forever.

Men and women have never been equal and are never going to be equal. Society looks at men to be considered superior to women. Society suggested men are above women. The gender issue is something that nobody has control over. As women there so much, you not supposed to do because of gender roles. In this essay, the main topic of it is gender issues. In The yellow wallpaper novel, written by Charlotte Gilman, while she is battling Postpartum.

“Gender Issues is interdisci… Essay Example

Postpartum is a type of depression that may occur after giving birth. according to Elizabeth’s article, she stated, “The Yellow Wallpaper, a tale of one woman’s descent into madness, is Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s response to the male-run medical establishment and the patriarchal structure of the nineteenth-century household.” This quote is used for the article because it is an overview of the whole theme of the story, it gives more information about gender roles in the story. During that time the story was composed women are expected to stay home, cook, and take care of the children. men were expected to provide for the family. the yellow wallpaper defines gender issues in so many ways. controlling, dependence and women’s role in marriage were the main gender issues in the story.

The yellow wallpaper is a short autobiographical story that is written by a feminist Charlotte Gilman in the late 1800’s. The narrator suffered from postpartum depression after she gave birth to her child. The narrator is married to John, a physician. Her husband is a successful doctor, on the other hand, she is not able to satisfy her obligations as a woman. The husband rented a house for the narrator, away from everybody he demanded her to rest and not do anything. When they arrived at the place the narrator was tried telling her husband she does not feel comfortable being there, something is strange about the place and the vibe is off. Of course, the husband brushes her off, don’t take her serious like always.

In the story, Charlotte states “John does not know how much I really suffer. He knows there is no reason to suffer, and that satisfies him” this quote is important because it demonstrates how the narrator is feeling. Throughout the story, John tells the narrator, her depression is not serious she just need to rest. In the story her husband John is very controlling over her, she is not allowed to do many things because John does not approve. The narrator has no choice but to listen to her husband, not only he is her partner he also her doctor. Charlotte defined gender issues very well in this essay all throughout the essay her husband controlled everything that is going on. What her husband was doing is completely normal at the time the story composed, it is ok for women to let their husbands control their lives.

The women do not really have a say when it comes to certain things. Even to this day, people get intimidated when they see a woman have it all, do not need a man to provide for them. Society expected women to live in their expectations, women are supposed to let a man take care of them, sit around the house just clean, cook etc. The narrator was not even allowed to do any of those things, all her husband wants from her is to sleep all day. The narrator is a writer, her husband finds out she been writing, he told her she needed to stop writing because it was not a good idea for her to be writing, once again controlling her life.Furthermore, dependences play a major role in the essay. The narrator is depending on her husband for everything.

John is a doctor, he is the provider for the family. She is not allowed to leave the house at any cause. Jane, the narrator is stuck inside of a room with yellow wallpaper where she just stares at the wall all day. Charlotte mentions in the story “he takes all care from me, and so I feel basely ungrateful not to value it more”. She feels like just because he takes her of her, she needs to be grateful. The pressure society put on women to let their men take care of them. This quote is important because it shows how the narrator is thinking and how she feels about the situation.

The narrator feels like she is useless, feeling like she is in prison. Her husband wants her to feel like she needs him, he takes all responsibilities from her. Jane asks her husband to fix the wallpaper, but he refuses to do it.The author also defines Women’s role in marriage in the story. According to society women’s role in a marriage are taken care of the house. In the story, the narrator feels like as a wife she really did not have a role in her marriage. Everything was run by her husband, she does not have a say when it comes to anything in her household.

Her husband runs her life, her husband treats her like she is a kid. Men sometimes use women’s emotions of guilt them being submissive to them in their marriage. During that time women do not hold the same power as men. Women are supposed to be weak and inferior to men. In the story, the narrator is not fully respected her husband. The narrator felt like she was a prisoner in her own marriage, she could not do anything at all. Her husband shoot down every idea she had.

Her husband did not even know she had postpartum.In conclusion the yellow wallpaper defined gender issues in many ways, the story started with the narrator wanting to be freed from her husband and her depression. At the end of the story the narrator tore down the yellow wallpaper symbolism the freedom she has now from everything. Her husband walked in the room, fainted when he saw his wife took down the yellow wallpaper. The narrator got tired of feeling imprisonment. As women it is harder to accomplished something because of what society expected. The author defined gender issues very nice in this day.

She shows the truth reality of what gender issues were back in the days, and the struggled women faced during that time.

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