The invention or discovery of Heavy-than-air crafts which safely defy gravity has startled the world today. Different aircrafts are used for different purposes such as, the Airforce, Cargo, passengers, coast guard, naval aviation, etc. This paper analyzes one of the biggest and most successful aircraft manufacturing company- The Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

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Aeronautical Company

Boeing Company is one of the successful stories of Aircraft manufacturing companies in the United States and in the world. It is affiliated with manufacturing different types of aircrafts but more especially passenger planes. It is a company that has blended many strategies carefully and successfully. The best approaches Boeing Company has implemented are associated with quality, time and price. So far Boeing is producing best structured aircrafts that have ensured safety and efficiency and worth the price. This has been achieved by the research that is conducted in the area of operation before manufacturing them for specific customers.

The quality of the company passenger planes is so far acceptable and they have continued to ensure this trend attracts more orders from airlines. A big share of the research is based on body parts’ designs for efficiency as (Corke 2002) agrees that, “The designs of various aircrafts signify the importance of their use and the fuselage can not be efficient alone but the streamline of other body structure are relatively essential”. Boeing Company has a good safety record as (Cutler & Liber 2006) note, “qualifications and material certifications for materials and structure are undertaken to ensure the safety during flight and attributed by engineering data and concepts that provide the foundations for continued technological development and innovation”. This alone has attracted more airlines to purchase her passenger planes hence edging out competitors.


In conclusion, aviation industry will keep appalling and appealing as Boeing is continually conducting more research on performance designs. Delivery time is accurate and the company has gone an extra mile by swiftly assisting in probing incidents and accidents where their manufactured aircrafts are involved around the globe. This has and will continually keep competitors like Airbus at bay.


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