9 September 2019

Aerosmith The lights were out. All I could see were little black figures walking across the stage, placing microphones here and drum sets there. The audience of die-hard fans was out of control, screaming with anxiety. I was standing on my toes, leaning over the balcony to get a better look at the stage, when, slowly, the lights turned on. Out of nowhere, they appeared – the greatest band alive and playing – Aerosmith.

The moment they walked on, everyone went wild. When the band got organized on the gigantic stage, a large rattlesnake (fake, of course) rose behind them. It was amazing! Then, they began to sing “Sweet Taste of India” to kick off their Nine Lives Tour with a bang! They continued with other great songs such as “Janie’s Got a Gun,” “Dream On,” “Pink,” “Crazy,” “Walk this Way” and many more of their greatest hits.

The lighting for each song was remarkably different. It changed from peace signs floating across the audience, electrifying yellows and oranges, blazing blues, gratifying greens and animal shapes along the walls of the arena, not to mention the oh-so-popular strobe lighting.

Aerosmith is one of the few bands that makes the audience feel loved. Steven Tyler, lead singer, always talks to you like you have known him for years. You probably have, in a way, depending on how long you have been following the band! Because the concert was in Boston, where the band started, they played an extra-long show. Steve Tyler said that they loved playing in Boston because we were the best crowd (which we are, of course. Right, Bostonians?)

The show ended around two in the morning. I don’t think I have ever had such a great time in my life. In fact, I am going back this New Year’s Eve to watch them play again! To all of the Aerosmith fans out there, I’ll be seeing ya! Aerosmith is definitely “Back in the saddle again!” .

Review by

Jenny A., Salem, NH

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