Aerospace Engineer

9 September 2016

When I grow older I want to become an aerospace engineer. Right now becoming an aerospace engineer is my so called “Dream Job”. I think that becoming an aerospace engineer sounds very fascinating. Although becoming an aerospace engineer is not an easy task. All the steps that are necessary to complete to become an aerospace engineer are very hard and very demanding. For instance, you have to go to a good college to get proper education on aerospace engineering. You can’t go to some technical school for aerospace engineering; you have to go to a full four-year university.

This is due to the fact that you need to have proper education for all a complicated tasks and aerospace engineer has to deal with. When one is supposed to think of aerospace engineering usually two companies pop into mind. The first one is often NASA, and the second one is usually Boeing. Now the difference between NASA and Boeing is, NASA is paid for by the government and Boeing is a private company. Both provide the world with very intuitive technology for aircrafts.

Aerospace Engineer Essay Example

Both companies strive towards improving the world of aviation by experimenting with different techniques and materials for building crafts. At both of these corporations, you can have many different jobs inside of them. One of the jobs I want to strive for is being an engineer in one the departments that designs aircrafts. Since I was little, I had always looked up at the skies to see the airplanes flying past and have always thought about what it would be like to be on a team of engineers that designs these aircrafts.

Acquiring a position at an aerospace firm such as Boeing or NASA will require a wide skillset. You need to be prepared for the work conditions. You need to have a very active mind and have a good concept of design to be able to design aircrafts. You have to have a good understanding of how aerodynamics and heat resistance works. You have to have a good knowledge of what materials you’re using to design a spacecraft and how to wire them.

Some other skills that you need to have while working an engineering position at an aerospace company would have to be perseverance and dedication to your job. You are not going to make it far if you don’t decide to go all out on your job. As I look at the future ahead of me, I don’t really see much, other than the fact that I have to strive very hard to get to the position that I want to get to. Becoming an aerospace engineer is not an easy task and I know that I will probably struggle along the way if I decide I want to pursue aerospace engineering.

Again this is not my only choice of what I want to become, but rather it’s just one of the possibilities that I’m considering. I know that if I want to go into this field of work I’m going to have to pull up my grades a lot to be able to get into certain colleges that specialize in aerospace engineering. I am trying to push myself into a field of work that is both challenging and unique to my interests. I think I have what it takes to become an engineer in aerospace, it’s just going to take the determination that will get me there.

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