Afghanistan’s Civil War

4 April 2015
Compares views & political biases of five articles from 1993 to 1995 on war, role of U.S. & U.S.S.R., ethnic factions and cultural aspects.

Since the 1989 withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan, the country has been torn apart by civil war. Ethnic groups have been fighting a war characterized by shifting alliances and no sign that anyone can ever win. In addition to ethnic rivalries, there are religious disputes between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims. None of the factions seems interested in seceding from the state, although many, such as the Uzbeks and the Tajiks, live mainly in areas that border the ‘home’ nations of their ethnic groups. Western interest in Afghanistan dropped off once the Soviets fled and the wars are seldom reported in the Western daily press. Five articles on the civil war in Afghanistan are reviewed here. They range from August 1993 to July 1995. All are concerned with the same subject, but address it from different points of view.

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