African American in the 1930s

1 January 2017

The reason that cyber bullying is such an issue these days is because so many kids are on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The second reason that this is a problem is because kids are committing suicide due to cyber bullying. Cyber bullying will remain a problem until people who are being bullied report the person who is responsible. According to the news, kids are being cyber bullied daily. Some examples of cyber bullying would be spreading untrue rumors about someone on a social network or making threats to a person online.

Unfortunately, many kids do not want to report this and they do not tell their parents until it is really bad or too late. Many kids think they have nowhere to turn and take their own life! Some people may object to having laws that control the internet, but I think they may save someone’s life and keep cyber bullies offline, or at least off of social networks. I think my solutions would help make surfing the internet and being a part of social networks safer for everyone.

African American in the 1930s Essay Example

Cyber bullying needs to be stopped because people should not have to feel unsafe or threatened online. 8%of kids admit someone has said mean or hurtful things, 42%of kids have been bullied while onlike. 90%of middle school student have had there feeling hurt online, 35% of kids have been threatened online. Nearly one in five had had it happen more than once. 21% of kids have received mean or threatening e-mails or other messages. 58% have not told their parents or an adult about something mean or hurtful that happened to them online. 43% of U. S. teens having experienced some form of cyber-bullying in the past year. 35% in chat rooms. 41% by text messages on their cell phones. % were scared for their safety. Notably, fewer than 15% of victims told an adult about the incident.

There are some other facts about bulling like (type of bulling) . Bullying is when someone repeatedly acts or says things to have power over another person. Bullies mainly use a combination of intimidation and humiliation to torment others. Calling the victim names and stating the victim is useless at whatever they do. Spreading gossip and rumors about him/her. between the ages of 11 and 19, 20% of respondents revealed that they had been bullied via electronic means.

Almost three-quarters 73% stated that they knew the bully, while 26% stated that the offender was a stranger. 10% of responders indicated that another person has taken a picture and/or video of them via a phone camera. One solution to cyber bullying would be to always report the person who is doing the bullying. It should be reported to the online network and the bully should not be allowed to be a part of the group again. I think it should be against the law to cyber bully and more laws should be passed to prevent it.

I also think everyone on a social network should have to take a cyber bullying awareness quiz before being allowed to join the network. This would teach the person how to recognize and report it. Also, kids should always tell their parents if this is happening. If this was done, the internet and the social networks would be safer for all of us. it should be against the law to bully. Some other facts about cyber bullying is location of bullying . bulling can occur in schools, , universities, families, between neighbors, and in workplaces. Schools In schools, bullying usually occurs in areas with minimal or no adult supervision.

Common places include the school bus, cafeteria, hallways between classes, bathrooms, and the school-yard during recess. Some other facts is effects of bullying. Persistent bullying may have a number of effects on an individual, and in the environment where bullying takes place. Reactive Depression, a form of clinical depression caused by exogenous events, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Anxiety, Gastric problems, Unspecified aches and pains, Acne and other skin disorders. Cyber bullying can be very effective on a child’s life. It can most definitely distract them from their learning.

Usually, if someone is being cyber-bullied, that’s all that they can think about, they are unable to focus on anything else, including school work. Kids may want to stop living after/during they are being cyber bullied because they are being so put-down and so pressured and so made fun of, that they just can’t take it anymore. They just want it to stop, but they don’t know how to stop it. often, kids are scared to tell someone that they are being cyber bullied because the bully may be threatening them and telling them that if they tell someone, something bad will happen to them.

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