After School Activities

2 February 2017

I think my school should have after-school activities. It can keep kids safe, kids can learn to use teamwork or strategy, give kids other knowledge besides academics, and help children realize their talents. Here are explanations for the reasons I gave. First, after-school activities can keep kids safe when their parents aren’t home, and there’s no one to watch them.

Kids sometimes go outside and play without anyone supervising them. Then they can get kidnapped, and their parents wouldn’t even know until after they got home.But, if there were after-school activities, then kids would be much safer in the school, doing activities with other children around them. Second, kids can use teamwork in a sport, like soccer or basketball. Some other activities include using strategy, like chess. Activities can also help children meet new friends, and then they will have more friends to play with if they’re lonely. But, if they just stay at home, bored with nothing but reading to do or electronics to use, then they wouldn’t learn about building character such as teamwork or strategy.

Third, after-school activities can also give children knowledge in subjects other than school. Then kids will be in school and outside of school. (This will help you when you need to apply for something, they can ask their coach or leader to write an application for you. ) According to http://www. afterschoolallstars. org/site/pp. asp? c=enJJKMNpFmG&b=854685 , teens that don’t participate in after-school activities have a bigger chance of skipping class and using drugs or alcohol.

That would be bad for a teen’s education and health, they and still do not participate in after-school activities. Lastly, activities can help you find your talent. Some kids are really talented at something, but they never tried it, so they would never know about it unless they try it. You would want to know about your talents, because you probably want to know what you’re good at. Using these reasons, I want my school to have after-school activities.

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