Against Abortion

2 February 2017

Against Abortion Abortion has been one of the many controversial topics being an issue in America, and it has been in some parts of world today. People say that abortion is big business, meaning that today it can give America lots of money for all the young girls getting pregnant and making them abort. Teenpregnancy. org, a site managed by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, says that there are 750,000 teen pregnancies annually in America. Some of these pregnancies occur because either there was a rape, peer pressure, or because of television influence.All these cases make abortion hard to resolve, and make people be on one side of the issue according to what they have experienced or heard.

Pro-choice people, people that are for abortion, give many reasons why abortion is a good choice. They say that if a girl was raped and left alone, meaning that there will be no “father” and she is immature, irresponsible, and of coarse inexperienced why would there be a reason to let her have the child. The child will be born in a place with no love, and it will suffer because it will not receive the attention it wants or needs.They also say that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants to her body. If a girl gets pregnant and does not want the child she is “free” to do go ahead and abort it, it’s her choice. People that support abortion also say that the fetus is not a “human” yet until it is almost born. Pro-choice women, who have committed abortion, say that the reason why they did it was because the pregnancy was an accident; and that she is not ready to take care of a child.

Against Abortion Essay Example

They usually state this, “…parenting is a hard important job and must be voluntary. They also mention that they have rights in choosing when to get pregnant, and when not to. There is a quote from doctor John Parson “The pro-life movement is having a negative impact on abortion. Sometimes women change their mind while being in the operation table, and we loose money! ” He says that women have the right to abort, because it’s what he believes and what he practices. Pro-life people believe that abortion is a crime. Doctors that do abortions don’t have a good heart, all they think is about money. Like doctor Parson, many doctors are in the same line.

They don’t care what people say, all they care is for the money and that women don’t change their mind. Pro-life women know the “fetus” is not a cartilage bone doll, but it is a true human being. According to GravityTeens. com, Nina Whitten chief secretary at an abortion clinic in Dallas, Texas says that she was trained to do telephone merchandise. When a young girl will call for help she will convince her to abort at their clinic, and try to prevent from the girl from changing her mind on aborting. People against abortion say that the “fetus” is a baby and not a non-human. Dr.

Randall says in October’s New Dimensions magazine that women are not aloud to view their ultrasounds because they will see the heartbeat of the child and would change their minds on aborting. This people don’t see or don’t hear, so they lack this information. When the woman is pregnant and wants to get rid of, she is thinking of what she did, and how to solve it. Abortion looks like it is the answer to this problem she got into, but she does not see that she has life in her womb. A doctor at KMC in Bakersfield, Dr. Mark Amin says that at 7 days of pregnancy the blood of the mother flows into the so called fetus and starts to make it function.The blood starts to circulate in the fetus and out to the mother and so on.

There is a testimonial of a girl that responded to an article that said that if we that are against abortion were to be raped, we would support abortion. She responded by saying that she her self was raped, and considered abortion. She later changed her mind and now she forgave the person that raped her, and she loves the twin boys that she had. She takes care of them and both are now two years and a half. She mentions that she is glad that she considered not aborting, because her conscience will follow her forever reminding her of what she did.Not only do abortion kills a little human, but also it messes up the mind of the woman. According to Prolife Answers To Prochoice Arguments by Randy Alcorn, teens have a tendency to have fun, not looking at the consequences and the hard choices to come.

Sex is fun, but they don’t want the responsibilities that come after the fun is over. Alcorn mentions that teens are “blinded”, because they think that the world circles around them. This means that teenagers think they know it all, and don’t need advice or people telling them what is right or wrong.This thought blinds the young woman and not only gets her in trouble, but it makes her make a choice that will mess up her entire life. There is more than just killing the baby, and that is tormenting it inside its mother’s womb. Abortion doctors don’t feel what the baby feels when getting its body parts cut off, but they feel the good feeling of the check he or she is about to receive. Not all doctors agree with this opinion, Garson Romalis a Canadian abortion doctor does what he does because of the bad memories of women who suffered because they could not abort.

He attended Cook County hospital in Chicago were all these nightmares were waiting for him. He remembers the women that were really stressed because they were going to die giving birth. He gave them a comfortable, and quick “operation” that saved their lives. He ends his article with a story of a young woman that was being a second year medical student and wouldn’t accomplished that if this doctor wouldn’t have done the abortion on her. This story does move our hearts, but it wasn’t the baby’s fault to die in the place of the mother.The mother is achieving her goals, and the baby paid the price for what the mother chose on getting pregnant. Maybe it was a rape, but it is not the baby’s fault to die, neither to come to this world.

Pro-life people say that there is still a murder, taking place because the woman giving birth is going to die. They say that it is better to kill the fetus, and let the mother live. The mother should have a little love for the child and be willing to die for what happened, instead of letting the child take her place. Even though there are pro and cons for abortion, there is a truth that both pro-life and pro-choice people recognize.That truth is that women are the ones to choose about their pregnancy, whether to abort or keep the child. It is the abortion clinics and the against abortion programs that influence women all around the world. People that support the abortion clinics are the ones who don’t care for the advice and comments given, all they care is sex, happiness for everyone, and peace.

People that supports against abortion programs know that it is wrong, and want to stop it. Sadly, people that are against the good will are winning, because corrupt leaders are being elected that support all these corrupted issues.

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