Against Gay Marriage

3 March 2017

Ssm Background. Facts: At the present time, SSM has split the U. S. by: * Age: Youth and young adults are generally for SSM; the elderly are against or evenly split. * Political affiliation: Most Democrats are in favor, Independents slightly less so, Republicans are opposed. * Religion: Conservatives are very strongly opposed; religious liberal, progressives, and secularists are in favor; main line denominations are split. Geography: The northeast is supportive; the west coast is about evenly split; the rest of the country is against. 30 states have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. * Opponents argue that altering the traditional definition of marriage as between a man and a woman will further weaken a threatened institution and that legalizing gay marriage is a slippery slope that may lead to polygamous and interspecies marriages. Arguments against: Religious freedom: For most Americans, marriage is a religious sacrament or ceremony.

If the definition of marriage is changed to allow SSM, some religious individuals and groups feel that they will become at risk of having to violate their beliefs by being forced to marry same-sex couples.

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Against Gay Marriage
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Children benefit: Many religiously conservative researchers have found that children thrive best when reared in a home with a married mother and father. Boys and girls have needs that are uniquely met by parents of the opposite gender. Teaching about SSM: The role of marriage in society is a major topic taught in public schools.

If SSM is legalized, schools would be required to teach that same-sex marriage is equivalent to opposite-sex marriage, starting as early as Kindergarten. That would violate the beliefs of many parents.  * Same-sex marriage has lead to increased acceptance of single parenthood and has undermined the institution of marriage in Scandinavia. Sweden began offering same-sex couples benefits in 1987, followed by Denmark in 1989 and Norway in 1993.

According to a Feb. 29, 2004 report by Stanley Kurtz, PhD, 60% of firstborn children in Denmark and a majority of children in Sweden and Norway are born out of wedlock. Marriage should not be extended to same-sex couples because homosexual relationships have nothing to do with procreation. Allowing gay marriage would only further shift the purpose of marriage from producing and raising children to adult gratification.

http://gaymarriage. procon. org/

http://www. religioustolerance. org/hom_marr. htm

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