Age Of Reason Essay Research Paper The

9 September 2017

Age Of Reason Essay, Research Paper

The age of ground was a clip of Empiricism and of Materialism, which brought out philosophers like John Locke and George Berkeley every bit good as writers like Swift and Pope. These philosophers and writers belong to the Age of Reason because of their usage of anti-emotional idea and the thought of Occam & # 8217 ; s razor. The usage of Anti-emotional idea is shown the most in essays written by John Locke. Locke used an thought that he based all of his work on. That thought was cognition is merely witting understanding. By that statement entirely it makes him a writer/philosopher of the Age of Reason. Another Philosopher of the clip to utilize anti-emotional idea was George Berkeley. In his essay & # 8220 ; Treatise Refering the Principles of Human Knowledge & # 8221 ; Berkeley provinces that for some thing to go an kernel that thing must be perceived by any of the 5 senses ( touch, odor, hear, gustatory sensation, or hear ) . For illustration a chair, the chair can be seen and touched so it can go an kernel merely if those senses can comprehend the chair. If those 5 senses can non comprehend the object than the object is non an kernel but an thought of the head in which, that thought is a belief that can merely be proven by the 5 senses.

The Idea of Occam & # 8217 ; s Razor was another thought that became chief watercourse during the age of ground. Occam & # 8217 ; s Razor is an thought that

provinces “when you have 2 viing theories that make precisely the same anticipations, the 1 that is simpler is better” . A adult male by the name of Jonathan Swift used this idea/theory to compose a satirical essay called “A Modest Proposal” . In “A Modest Proposal” Swift has a simple thought to a large job that is overpopulation in Ireland. Due to the theory of Occam’s Razor, Swift proposes a really good/simple thought that is to merely kill and eat the kids that are doing this job. Those kids would be Irish. He besides said that it would non merely work out one job but two. The 2nd job that would be solved would be the deficiency of nutrient because since people will be deceasing there would be an copiousness of meat so people would hold nutrient. This essay is a authoritative illustration of an age of ground essay because of it’s harsh, cruelty, and anti-emotional thoughts makes it merely like other essays of the age of ground. Swift besides used sarcasm to demo that some of the Philosophers of the twenty-four hours are being stupid and dragging out some philosophical thoughts.

Writers and philosophers of the age of ground lived in a clip of uncertainness and mass confusion, which made thoughts like philistinism and Occam & # 8217 ; s Razor. Ideas like that brought out philosophers like Locke and Berkeley and writers like Swift and Pope to etch in our heads everlastingly the thoughts and theories of the age of ground.

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