Ahhh…The Test

11 November 2018

Do you ever feel sweat coming from your hands? If you say yes, I bet I know why your hands are sweating… it’s the test, isn’t it? I know it’s creepy, but here are ways to help you get good grades on everything you get. You don’t cheat, you practice, and you let your brain do the work, these are the advice I would give you, if you follow them, I hope that you should get a higher grade on your test. The following paragraphs will show you why you should follow my advices.

My first advice is you don’t cheat. For example if you cheat, it’s called cheating, and that won’t help you pass the test, you might pass it, but what is it worth for? You will not understand anything they teach you, so re you cheating them, or are you really cheating yourself? Cheating is bad, because once in a while you’ll get caught by the teacher.

Another advice is you practice. For example if you practice you’ll get smarter. And then you can do the test like it is a piece of cake. Have you ever heard the phrase “Practice makes perfect”? Well believe in that phrase. It has proved very useful. I strongly believe in that phrase, because if you keep practicing, you will eventually find what kind of mistakes your making, and then you’ll learn to avoid all those mistakes.

The last advice is you let your brain do the work. For example since you’ve practiced so hard for it, relax, I mean be nervous a little, but don’t worry too much, relax and have faith in yourself, say this in your head “I’m going to ace this test!”. Your brain will speed through the questions as if they were nothing much than a bug.

In conclusion don’t cheat, because it’s going to get you nowhere.(except maybe the principle’s office.) Practice, Practice, Practice, because if you don’t you’ll regret it. And let your brain do all the work, because your brain has all the facts you need. Follow these advices, and there will be unlimited possibilities for your future. TRUST ME, when I used all these methods, I got the highest score on the 5th grade math test. And remember this is a secret between you and me… don’t tell a soul. Good luck on your test… oh wait, you don’t need luck you have skills on your side, so go ace that test!

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