AIDS in Africa

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

This paper explores the spreading of AIDS in Africa. It shows various studies headed by international organizations that have tried to both analyze and prevent the rapid spread of AIDS on the African continent. It points to various factors such as lack of education, absence of contraceptives, and poverty as reasons for the fast spread of HIV. It also focuses on why women are much more likely to be infected and spread the disease.

From the paper:

“AIDS is a demographic disease. The most prone to the disease are women, children and the poor. The testimony to this statement is the fact that in a country like Africa the most effected by AIDS is the women and the children. This is mainly because they have to deal with the fact that society considers them a second-class citizen, they are basically the child bearers and have many stigmas attached to their actions within the society.

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