Air Powered Cars

1 January 2017

Gasoline which has been the main source of fuel for the history of cars is becoming more and more expensive and impractical (especially from an environmental standpoint). These factors are leading car manufacturers to develop cars fueled by alternative energies. Two hybrid cars took to the road in 2000 and in three or four years fuel-cell-powered cars will roll onto the world’s highways. While gasoline prices in the United States have not yet reached their highest point ($2. 66/gallon in 1980), they have climbed steeply in the past two years. In 1999, prices rose by 30 percent, and from December 1999 to October 2000, prices rose an additional 20 percent, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In Europe, prices are even higher, costing more than $4 in countries like England and the Netherlands. But cost is not the only problem with using gasoline as our primary fuel. It is also damaging to the environment, and since it is not a renewable resource, it will eventually run out.

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Air Powered Cars
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One possible alternative is the. Air powered cars runs on compressed air instead of gasoline. This car is powered by a two cylinder compressed engine. This engine can run either on compressed air alone or act as an IC engine. Compressed air is stored in glass or fiber tanks at a pressure of 4351 psi. Page 5 of 36 Β Fig. 1 An air powered car

Within the next two years, you could see the first air-powered vehicle motoring through your town. Most likely, it will be the evolution car that is being built by Zero Pollution Motors. The cars have generated a lot of interest in recent years, and the Mexican government has already signed a deal to buy 40,000 evolutions to replace gasoline- and dieselpowered taxis in the heavily polluted Mexico City. Page 6 of 36

Also air car provides an answer to the shortage of fuel and high price of fuel. With petrol and diesel prices going up and the price of oil subjects to fluctuation for motorist, this becomes headache; use of air motor is only the solution. All know that there will be shortage of gasoline (petrol, diesel), in future, engine that runs on compressed air is only the alternative for it. Page 35 of 36

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