Airplane Accidents in the Media

4 April 2015
This paper examines the amount of airplane accidents that get covered in the media versus the number of the airplane accidents that actually happen.

The following paper examines how the news media has been changed from a brave, controversy-seeking faction to a community of self-censoring, congress-fearing puppets of whom the politically powerful are the puppeteers. The writer argues that the media is not the same establishment that once looked for the extra, but it is merely a reserved, timid society, a society that has ignored its once unquenchable thirst for the truth in order to satisfy its hunger for the more material things, money and power.
“It is a calm, cold morning in Maine and the news is blaring in one household. The family hears that there has been another violent plane crash. Little Jimmy is quaking in his shoes, because he knows that the story will be covered constantly for most of the week, if not longer. Violent images will be shown on the television that his parents bought for Jimmy’s favorite educational television shows. Jimmy decides to change the channel, but almost all of the channels are covering the same information about the plane crash. Then, an image of a man who died in the crash appears on television. Little Jimmy bursts into tears. Jimmy grows up to detest the news, and to hate plane crashes. Why must the news cover tragedies so extensively?”
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